Minimalist Miku [Final] [HD/SD]

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Yes, i know the puush link is dead. it's staying dead. this skin is trash there is plenty of other great skins you could use, the dropbox links still work so get someone else to upload it for you if you want it that bad, peace.
I'm don't like.
Wow, your skin is very friendly and let see well thorgh the icons in multi tap combo. I'm a very beginner and this is helping me a lot to improve my experience. Thank you very much :D
puush link is broken, i hope you can fix it.
This skin seems appropriate <3
nice and good skin...but why the 5 is rotate 2??
Hey i can't download it. it keeps saying that "That puush could not be found."

HoxtonGamer wrote:

Hey i can't download it. it keeps saying that "That puush could not be found."
Use the dropbox download links under the puush links. Read carefully before bumping a topic.
Good job :3
I find it sad that Garin would say this skin is trash, he is likely just sick of supporting it.
I've been using this skin for over 2 years and regardless of his opinion I think it's still awesome.
Alguien podría pasarme algún link de esta Skin??? es que me encanta
My favorite skin so far!
i just want to say, i downloaded this map years ago when it was up, and i still use it to this day. ive been holding onto it and moving it through my different computers over the years, and i realllllyyyy havent been able to find a skin pack i like more. everything is so unpractical in skin packs normally. i love miku, the curser is perfect, the circles are see-through and help sooooo much with difficult/fast maps. i just really want to say thankyou, because im not sure ill ever change my mind about keeping this as my default allways and forever. im sad that noone else can enjoy this pack, but i can understand the uptake it must need to keep it around. just, thankyou :)
Its a very nice skin :)
Pretty UuU
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