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"Guys, I won't rank my PP Compilation. I don't want to cause anymore drama, and I also don't want to get kicked from the BNG. I'll probably get that loved, or just delete it. I hope you understand." - Sotarks, 2018.

i just want some mods, nothing more

mania players are human too
3mplify BNG check

One day, Gero nominated a map. It was cool not a common generic shitmap, that map was a masterpiece. Days were gone, that map got qualified. Gero was happy.
Suddenly, the map was dq, because of one issue, but that issue wasn't announced by QAT. Gero was kicked from BNG.
After 3 years of searching, Gero found Pishifat and asked him: "Why that map was dq? It was perfect. Why was I kicked from BNG? I could become best BN and rank more cool maps. Why?"
Pishi looked at Gero and asked him: "R u mad bro? Watafak! I'm not a Disqualification branch. Go find Lasse or Mir." Gero became upset.
After 10 years, Gero found Germany and Mir as result. He gave for Mir the same question as for Pishi long days ago. Mir claimed: "I waited for you for 13 years. Take this letter, your answer is in it."
Gero felt that he'd done the most important mission in his life, but decided to read the letter later, in Mexico.
He reached Mexico in 2 days and called all members of his family to listen to the reason, why his BNG career was ruined. He opened the letter, looked at issue and died. Silence. The mapping heart stopped forever...
In 2 hours police was in Gero's home. They asked the reason of death and Gero's cousin gave a letter to the officer. Officer started smiling and convincing that letter can't kill a human, but when he looked into it, he turned pale with fright. Then, with voice full of fear, he started to read that letter: New problem #446359 (Is it just me or the intro is almost as dense as the more intense parts that the other diffs used...) triggered a nomination reset. (MrSergio)
BN check please thanks.

Emphasis Faking

mod this creepy anti pp shit pls, it's full of anti streams and anti jumps and i mapped it on my phone. nm and m4m are fine but im not great

"Can peppy buff the play area in osu!next? It's a shame we have to undermap songs like this because there isn't enough room on the play area to properly convey the intensity of this music."

NOTE: WIP cause hitsounds need to be done.

>w< I R E A L L Y E N J O Y E D W A T C H I N G Y O U B A C K I N T H E D A Y : D
(bad angelsim meme from his twitch streamz before going to netherlands. Good times)
Hello :)
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need to get this unqualified to blatant copypasting from my diffname from Maffalda - pensamento tipico de esquerda caviar (were you even trying??? you didn't even change a letter, it could be "El Gangsta" or something to avoid copyright!). After the Road of Resistance incident, I believe that plagiarizing everything in mapping, especially diffnames, is going too far. Since I was the only person ever to use the Gangsta difficulty name, I will not let this stay qualified. If you don't change the diffname to [Legend], [Skystar] or any equivalent (except Nogard) in less than 3 days, then I am going to take severe actions.
Hanazawa Kana
Full ver nagi
Will be nom by rsak and need a full bn

Dont good at jk so i just say sth interesting:We mapper always pay more attention to visual geometry and polishment than actual play feeling while player always pay more attention to if the song is catchy and easy to play(get pp) and even a nice song mapped by a starter mapper with terrible things at it can still be many players' fav.
I guess it can be more than one so add a simple one here:which always happen on our qq group(sth like discord)and i translated it into english.
hi o/

Technical mappers care about playability in their maps

all those people who are in queue shortly after it's closed i see them like this

Mir QAT :lol:
or even maps with a ringtone size are nice


Akitoshi yelled, “There you go!” SnowNiNo_ gave a look of pleasant surprise. Nevo belted, “We got a fucking squad now.” And before Sotarks hit the locker room door, ex-osu! mapper Monstrata hugged him & said, “Y’all look so different.”
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