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Don's M4M queue [NEW MAP! OPEN]

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Hello! My name is Don, and I'm looking for M4M things! As someone who has just ventured in the beatmapping scene, I'm looking to get some experience with both mapping and modding. That's why I am looking for mod4mod, preferably with beginning mappers. No ranked maps are preferred, but not a prerequisite.

Please keep total draining time around 10 minutes (all diffs) and no longer than 15. I'm flexible, though.
Post in this thread first, then you mod my map, I'll mod yours in that order. I want to be able to begin modding your map while you're modding mine. Personal preference. Quality of my mods can be found in the previous mods section. Mods are provided as-is.
My maps:
Pinkie the Party Planner (My Little Pony, 8 minutes draining time combined)
Flying Away by Knarsetand (DnB/Ska/Reggae, 10 minutes draining time combined)
Be sure to check the last post! I'll be limiting the amount of mods before I finish them. I usually finish my mod within 24 hours!

Previous mods
Sailor Moon Theme
Qing Hua Ci

I hope you have a lot of fun modding my maps, and I'll have a lot of fun modding yours!
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Open for 3 (three) M4M slots!
Sister Jude
My mod p/3004453#p3004453
My map
(Can you use basic English :?)
Hier met die slots.

A fellow beginner here, so I hope my mod will be of any use.

My map:
Will start on a mod right away, might finish tomorrow.
My map:
My mod: p/3006676

Mod all diffs please, but the ones that need most help are beginner, advanced and expert. Thanks.
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Three more spots open! =)
My mod post is here
And here is my map:

Thanks a lot ;)
EDIT: Whoops the draining time is 12 minutes. If you don't want to, then it's fine >< Or just 1/2 diffs.. Sorry for the large time difference
Hi..! :)
My mod : p/3012062#p3012062
My map :

Thanks before.. :D
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