How did you Find out about Osu!~?

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Because Initial D music.
I was a new Vocaloid fan at the time, and I'd found a few gameplay videos.
About 11 months later (more or less), I came to the site, slapped the download button and started playing.
And, here I am.
Basically two germany Letsplayer brought me here ( and (both inactive :s)) since they were streaming it from time to time.
Thats pretty much it
2 years ago, a friend told me about the game, and I saw some videos. I thought that the game was really cool, and started playing. And I went back to play, with this new account.
i first heard about it while playing latale years ago, i asked about it and it didn't really interest me since i had no interest in rhythm games back then.

then when i started playing was when my friend told me to play osu, i decided to give it a try. Got addicted instantly ;w;
Airgearxtream told me to download the game because he said it have anime openings. He taught me first CtB. Then I saw people talking about osu!standard in #osu, so I played standard too.

(he was raging when i don't follow him)
A Minecraft Youtuber made an osu! video and I thought it was cool.
Mike Azuki
A League of Legends player was playing it (BoxBox)
Saw it on YouTube, I was basically jumping around and clicking at random videos and I stumbled across an osu! video. It was a replay from some top-tier player, don't remember who, but I remember thinking, "Woah, this game looks like it'd be addicting, I'm going to try it out."

I was right.
From anime page, Light was playing osu! xD
i love rhythm games, and i searched "best rhythm games for pc" on youtube and Osu! was number 1 on some guys top 5 list. Lol i didnt know then that i would become a hardcore player of this back then. XD
I was looking for Earthmind - Kaleidoscope on YouTube. All of the hits contained the word "osu!", so I clicked the first one and it was a replay of someone playing. I got curious, searched for osu!, watched some Cookiezi videos, the rest is history.
I was really into Vocaloid and I stumbled upon this video.
Youtube enlightened me 1-2 years ago.
Boredom saw me back at the game in 2014.
My friend.
Some random Myanimelist profile link
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