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How did you Find out about Osu!~?

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i was watching some cod videas/montages and shiee, i glanced at the videa suggestions and saw something that wasn't related to the call of duties at all

clicked on it, can't really remember what happened but i somehow ended up watching funorange's videas

then i basically went: "this shit looks asian as, ima try get pro @ it"

in my first month of playing, i felt like i could never play insanes/gitgud, was a lot of fun though and still is
-[ Dumpling ]-
saw friend playing it in school library
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mrdumpling64 wrote:

saw friend playing it in school library
Which school?
I was searching rhythm games for my Android phone, and then there's osu!droid. Downloaded it, had so much fun and after some months I downloaded the PC version of it (osu!).
Trash Boat
by my brother, however at that time i had no internet yet, so idk how did he make to install it. and this was the first song i played along with tutorial
I saw my brother playing it upstairs and found it fun after I played it. Downloaded it after a few plays
I was watching someone's league of legends stream (I think it was c9 Hai, forgot) and they started playing osu! during a waiting queue.

Funny thing is I don't play league of legends anymore lol
I was looking at plays of StepMania beatmaps on youtube and one of the suggested videos was a Cookiezi video.
Soo bin
This exact video made me start osu
My younger-sister, I saw My sister playing osu! and I try to play it... luckily, until now I'm still playing it (but sadly, my sister doesn't play osu! anymore)
I found about osu seeing This guy play it in class with his touchscreen phone in late 2013. We go to the same college and classes so later that day I downloaded the game and got hooked hard. :D
Mofu kun
I was watching YouTube, and cookiezi plays big black was in related videos. And now I'm here.
I used to play it on my iDevice, Then I found out there was an PC version... o-o
I don't really recall who (which I find a shame), but I saw someone playing it on twitch either. Kinda cliche but welp. As I saw him playing it it reminded me of EBA which was a huge part of my childhood etc etc, so that made me decide to play it.
Izmukka made me play osu! with him but I didn't really like it back then. (We only played some dubstep on standard)
Around two years later Kyuuto who's now my boyfriend suggested that we would play osu! together. He told me about ctb and got me hooked on the game. ,____,
My friend introduced me to osu! 6 months ago, and I still remember how he raged when he taught me how to play it lol.

And here I am.
I discovered this cool new rhythm game for the DS called Elite Beat Agents in Nintendo's Holiday 2006 catalog, and really badly wanted to play it. I ended up not playing it until I picked up a DS flashcart in 2008, which led me to discover that it was a westernized version of this Japanese-only rhythm game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. I ended up beating both games, as well as the Japan-only sequel Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (that name is still fun to say). I got good enough to beat them all on Hard, but still to this day haven't beaten any of the games on Insane (due to the incredibly punishing HP drain).

Then after my DS lite broke in 2009, I still had a craving for that rhythm-based circle-clicking gameplay. I discovered a PC clone of Ouendan in 2009 known as osu!, and immediately quit after bringing my playcount to about 12 (partially due to the difficulty from playing with a terrible wireless mouse at the time, but also because osu! lacked the fun storyboards that changed depending on how well you were playing. I also came in with the mindset that only the "authentic" maps were good, so I didn't even bother even looking at most of the maps that people made).

I then rediscovered osu! in 2012 after getting back into anime, playing a bit of osu!droid (and complaining about how laggy it was), and realizing that my new laptop was perfectly capable of handling the game. It was then when I realized how much progress has been made with beatmapping since I first discovered the game, and I think it was this video (or at least a video of this map) that kindled my desire to get good at the game. And after nearly 2 years, after all sorts of osu!-related setup changes, here I still am!
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