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Most people will be going 'what the hell is a waveform' the moment they see the thread title, and to those people I offer this explanation:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoqKcV5g ... re=related

Watch that for a minute or two. See the little bar things on the track that move in time to the music? Those are drawn from waveforms. You may have seen similar things in visualisations on whatever mediaplayer you use.

What I am proposing is, that some form of particle emitter is programmed into osu! which draws waveform similarly to that video (in bar format or otherwise - possibly radians?) and that skinners are given the capacity to fiddle around with it, and even adding a function for it for storyboard use. Skinners would be able to design particles for each of the respective main frequency rages and be able to alter the size and fashion in which such particles are emitted at various states in the song.

I personally believe such an addition to osu! would make some songs look absolutely beautiful if used properly. Naturally, this would need to be a toggle as I could imagine it might be quite resource intensive on older hardware, but this would bring so much more versatility to osu's graphical front and opens up a potentially keystone element for avid skinners to utilize in their works.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I actually have planned part of a storyboard to use this.

And I think you mean spectrum not waveform. http://www.totallyhip.com/components/qssp/

I would like this if I could heavily configure stuff. However, this request seems a long ways away.
Right, yeah, spectrum is the more appropriate term there (for the bar object drawing at least) but I wouldn't restrict it just to that - you could potentially stretch the waveform across the perimeter of a hitcircle during kiai time or something alongside the beat pulsing.

Lots of things you could do with this. Might be a very long time off, but it would be wonderful to see.
Equalizers? Seems to be a good idea.

One question:
Why not?
This would be illsicknasty.

Maybe like a visualizer background?
You can of course implement this using scaling or moving bars or particles.
it would look nice :)
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