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inviting people into private chat

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I think its a great idea. In my country there are not enough people online at a time to really hold a channel together on a permanent basis and a multiplayer chat is useless because we all want to play songs or mod or spec other people and go over 8 people but we also like to get together and organise things like mini tournaments and just generally talk crap.

With the chat system as it is this is not really possible, peppy is never going to make a south african channel and I don't remember there being an african channel approved so we are pretty much stuck. Even an african channel won't suit us because we want just South Africans in there.

Letting us create a private channel however fixes this issue
You can use #spectator which allows you as many people as you want.

theowest wrote:

Saten and I had an interesting conversation about this.

There must be an limit of some sort. Or else this would start to require moderating if things happen. I think one of the reason why people don't like to use the multiplayer chat is because there's only 8 slots. but can't someone just leave in case they're not having the conversation anymore? Not even #osu has conversations with over 8 people at the same time.

but don't get me wrong. This would be amazing for me with my closest friends since we're all connected in a way and we'd all love to discuss with each other in private, together sometimes.
Just make it so we can use osu! in-game chat like it was IRC. Let us create channels and moderate them. Some groups of users who have enough knowledge to do so already do this on IRC and don't even use osu! chat. If a channel is 100% private it shouldn't need any kind of moderation. Of course, peppy should have administrator privileges and access to every channel just in case. But really if I make a chat channel with 10 friends and we want to talk about porn then why do you mind, we already do this for talking "forbidden matters" on #spectator or other chat platforms.

Public channels would require moderation yeah, but then again you can just don't allow those and allow private ones. Just as you get auto-join to #osu and #announce when you log in, getting auto-join to some channels I'm subscribed/invited to would be cool. Then you need no real moderation. Just give privileges like kick/ban/invite to channel moderators, same to room creator + change password/disband channel. This won't really hurt anyone and it would make people use osu! chat more than they do now, since actually there is no way to have a nice chat group without having to go into #multiplayer (meaning you can't just go, play and read later) or #spectator (same, and this is a public channel).

Only thing that's bad about this is we're gonna be able to... chat group about almost whatever we want on osu!, which won't really hurt anyone. There may be more consequences but I can't think of any bad one, like having public channels lose some people, which isn't really bad at all for... anyone.
Well I think the problem isn't allowing everyone to be able to create their own channels, but how chat op's system work. Right now every chatop is able to use !kill command, this could be used to silence people which are not in their channel.

Alpaka wrote:

You can use #spectator which allows you as many people as you want.
Perhaps but its limitation comes in when you want to spec someone else you get booted from that chat.

Like im organising a local competion with some people in my country and we'll obviously be speccing different people a lot so the spec chat becomes a non viable option.

We going to have to use skype but it would just be nice to not have to use a 3rd party program to do something that could be done ingame
support (╯o w o )╯ 彡 ☆
Kanye West

Alpaka wrote:

You can use #spectator which allows you as many people as you want.
Yeah but then if you actually want to play/map/mod rather than spec someone, you leave the chat.
2x promoted 8-)
support this

Kanye West wrote:

What's the difference between this and a third-party program such as Skype?
Skype (usually) doesn't get logged by someone not in the chat
Support (I don't have any star :o )
bump o3o more support here
No stars, but supporting. Not everybody wants to switch to a separate chat client for the sake of having a small group chat.
Great idea
I like this, support :3
We can also do tag modding by this private chat, oh i love to see it. Having different channel to discuss an issue is kinda anoying =3=
yap yap a f*cking nice idea
Kirino Kousaka

Ephemeral wrote:

This would be useful for IRC modding collab maps.
Wow, I've been wanting this. And finally here are people with the same idea \:D/ Support.
Here, have 8 stars. This would be perfect.

theowest wrote:

There must be an limit of some sort. Or else this would start to require moderating if things happen.
If the channels are created by users they can be self moderated by the user who created the channel by simply restricting the channel to be invite-only. The creator of the channel could have the power to silence users within the channel, remove users from the channel, blacklist users from the channel, limit the size of the channel, set whether invites can come only from the creator of the channel or from any player in the channel, and pass control of the channel to another user within the channel. Self-contained, non-persistent, private, and self-moderated. I don't see any problem with it other than implementation, and while this obviously isn't a super critical thing to have it would be a really nice feature if it were implemented that would surely see plenty of use.
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