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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +1,542
Hey guys, today I came up with an idea:
How about the feature of being able to set a default beatmap background which can be enabled/disabled and would not change the beatmap itself?
It would work like a full-time 100% dim, but you get to choose what background you use.

Not everyone would use this feature, obviously, but I and surely some other players would have a better experience with that feature.
Tell me what you think about this idea ;)

Spicy Salsa
Love the idea, was thinking the same thing. Instead of going through each individual beatmap and setting background dim to 100% or deleting backgrounds entirely (Sorry for making you rage, Osu!), this option would be a great alternative.

*It would also help some of the younger players who have to play osu on family computers with some of those suggestive nightcore maps ;)*

I'd vote if I could, donor raaaaaaank!
So basically giving the playfield.png of skins an actual purpose other than editor? lol

Not a bad idea, it would be nice to have this option.
I voted, even tho I'd rather have my background dim to 100%, I still think this deserves recognition.

eeezzzeee wrote:

So basically giving the playfield.png of skins an actual purpose other than editor?
I actually like this idea, even though I probably wouldn't use it. Maybe have a "Disable background" option in settings that would allow the playfield.png to be used instead, and therefore would make this a skinnable feature.
I completely agree with this, Would be super awesome to see this implemented in osu!
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