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My beatmap won't go to the beatmap graveyard after 3 months...Also, I have 2 beatmaps pending, but I can't upload anymore new beatmaps, because of the limit of 4. But I have officialy pending only 2 of them. And on of my beatmap (https://osu.ppy.sh/s/140149) you can only download hitsound, but not the song and stuff.

Screen: (you can look at my profile too)

osu! version: 20140331 (latest)
IIRC, that time is a rounded estimate - 2.5 months would display as 3 if rounding came into play.
thing is, you did not submit it properly. Beatmaps that don't have a forum thread stay in Pending forever.
Go ask someone from the BAT team to delete your broken submission, or update it, press "Submit" button in the end and wait for a month.

EDIT: okay, it's deleted now. If you regret this for some reason and want to get it back, ask me (I have a backup).
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