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Welcome to "Community Mind" Project or Old Style modding queue!

About Project:

Q: What's the intention to open this queue?
A: We are here to improve osu!mania modding/bubble/rank process to make it more efficient, comfortable and more open for everybody! As you know, every modder have his own requests, but we want to accept all of them together, without dividing reqs between us.

Q: What's the difference between normal modding queue and this Project?
A: Normally you need to send message to o!m BN member and wait some time for his mod/bubble/rank for your chart, sometimes it may force you to wait long for result, coz every BN member could be busy like other people as usual. But if you'll post your request here, it could be taken by BN member who have enough free time and he'll finish your request faster, without any delays.

Q: And what's about bubble/rank?
A: Posting your chart here gives you more chances for rank coz every chart here could be checked by all o!m BNs, it increases the chance to get fast re-check and rank after bubble or fast setting bubble after BN re-check.

Q: Why it called "Community Mind" Project?
A: Community - it's our small osu!mania BN&QAT community and every osu!mania charter, modder and player who interact with us everyday. Mind - we are all thinking about how to improve your charts and we are all interested to make them better and help you. Summary that means the flexible community, solving all problems together by collective appreciation.

Q: Everybody is the part of this community already. Does it mean that everybody can help?
A: Yes, you can not only see here what we do, you can check each other charts posted here and help each other in things like hitsounding, SB, checking timings, performing M4M etc. (only for charts for mod)

Q: How it works?
A: You post your request in our queue => free queue member takes your chart and check it => your req done / you want bubble => same or another person (Shana or me) re-checks your chart and post it here like "Bubbled / Ready for rank" => second person (Shana or me again) checks "Ready" chart => you get ranked chart \o/

Now you know what's the "Community Mind" so let's post your request and see how it works \o/
[Shi-Ra] - current status: Active~
ExPew - current status: Active~
PROGUY - current status: Semi-active
Roxas - current status: Semi-active
- R u m i a - - current status: Semi-active

Main Rules:

Simple mod:

> Your chart should have 3+ mods
> Only osu!mania charts[/centre]
> Accepting all charts from 4К to 8К modes
> Modding difficulties from Easy to MXs, Lunatics, SCs, Anothers, ET's and same
> Accepting maps with all lengths (including marathons)
> Accepting all music genres and all songs

Yes, we accept every chart \o/ Just do your best and show us how to chart!

Bubble policy:

1. Your map should have 12+ Star Priority
2. Your map should have at least 5+ mods
3. You must be sure your map is ready
How to request something?

It's simple, just post here:
1. Artist - Song name
2. Length of your chart
3. Chart link
4. Request type (mod/bubble/rank)

[Shi-Ra] - current status: Active~
[Shana Lesus] - current status: Active~

Main Rules:

Shi-Ra's Pattern Review:

> Your chart should have 3+ mods
> Only osu!mania charts
> Accepting all charts from 4К to 8К modes
> Modding difficulties from Easy to MXs, Lunatics, SCs, Anothers, ET's and same
> Accepting maps with all lengths (including marathons)
> Accepting all music genres and all songs

Warning! It's very nazi pattern review, make sure that you're prepared for that. I'll judge your patterns with all of my experience and profficiency.
You've been warned xD

Shana Lesus' Modding:

Keys : All keys
Map length : No limit
Genre : All, except dubstep and nightcore
Status :Pending

Shana Lesus' Guest Diff Request:

Keys : All keys
Map length : 3 minutes
Genre : All, except dubstep and nightcore
Difficulty : All
1. Your map should have 12+ Star Priority
2. Your map should have at least 5+ mods
3. You must be sure your map is ready

How to post your chart?

Use this form please~
1. Request type (Pattern Review / Shana's Mod / Guest diff / bubble)
2. Title (artist - song name)
3. BPM
4. Map length (if it's for approval or marathon - write down it here please)
5. Chart link (full link)
6. Genre
Total queue workload: 25 requests for now

Current Shi-Ra's Line:

1. Toy*GunGun - The Bravest Destiny (TV Size) - Pattern Review
2. colate - macaron - Normal Mod
3. Nishikino Maki (CV:Pile) & Yazawa Nico (CV:Tokui Sora) - Zurui yo Magnetic today - Normal Mod
4. yanaginagi - Haru Modoki (Asterisk DnB Remix) - Pattern Review
5. An - LittleGameStar - Pattern Review
6. iconoclasm - perditus paradisus - Pattern Review
7. Polyphony - Adrift - Pattern Review
8. Triumvirate - Triple Journey -S-C-U EDITION- - Normal Mod
9. Tom Staar & Kryder - Big Momma's House - Normal Mod
10. SakuraHanaP - Rei Yume -instrumental- - Normal Mod
11. Tatsh - Xepher - Pattern Review
12. sasakure.UK - Atropos - Normal Mod
13. Camellia feat. Nanahira - Konran shoujo Soflan-chan!! - Pattern Review

Current Shana's Line:

(waiting for Shana's response)

Accepted and waiting for pick:

1. Imai Asami - Asayake no Starmine (Anime Ver.) - qualification
2. Maroon 5 - Sugar - for bubble
3. seleP - Remember Me - for bubble
4. Camellia feat. Nanahira - EDM Jumpers - for bubble
5. How-Low-Hello - Rakuen Made - Shana's Mod
6. t+pazolite - Electric "Sister" Bitch - for bubble
7. marina - Towa yori Towa ni - for bubble
8. Hirano Aya - Bouken Desho Desho (DJ Bouche Euro Mix) - for bubble
9. fripSide - LEVEL5 judgelight (TV Size) - for bubble
10. u's - KiRa-KiRa Sensation! - Shana's Mod
11. Shiena Nishizawa - Meaning - qualify
12. colate - Strobe Girl - qualify
28/03/14 - Project starts \o/ Let's see how it works!
01/04/14 - Added accepted charts box & Total queue workload
17/04/14 - Getting 50 reqs in two weeks, wow
18/04/14 - Accepted reqs list re-modelled into more structured and sorted list
28/04/14 - - R u m i a - has joined CMProject, yay
10/05/14 - 105 reqs after one month Project activity
14/05/14 - 111 reqs such number, wow xD
17/06/14 - Project revives \o/
24/06/14 - ExPew had joined CMProject, double yay
23/07/14 - getting 25 reqs for less than 6 hours, oh my~
27/08/14 - Project officially closed ;w;/
05/09/15 - Project re-opened & Shana Lesus has joined the Project!
I wish taiko had something like this =w=
1st request \o/

Lia - My Soul, Your Beats! (TV Size)
Total Time: 1:29
Draining Time 1:27
Meg & Dia - Monster (DotEXE Dubstep Remix)
it has only 3 mania mods in this mapset.
but the mania map itself is transferred from which has over 5 mods.

I hope you can mod it.
In fact,proguy and shia already modded it once but it is still not bubbled.
well i think i can post here because i still can't reach roxas mod

Aki Misawa - Ashita no Sora


Edit : maybe proguy forget :p

cdhsausageboy wrote:

I wish taiko had something like this =w=
goodluck guys btw :oops: hehe
.________________________________. this is one of the things i asked Roxas and Ljqan well. couldnt agree more
- Yuuto -
Hi, what a great queue!

ALTIMA - Fight 4 Real
Length : 1:28
BAT req (Bubble) : t/187065 (+21 sp)

Thank you in advance..

Mod request(*w*) (+17sp) for aprovval

Tittle : Stan SB - DEAD

Edited mine. I'll need to sort all those requests before I can do anything else.
I have to say, what a great queue *0*

1. Synthwulf - Passacaglia
2. Duration 1:49

Request for mod (Actually, bubble if it is possible, +16 Current Priority right now)
Thanks in advance :D !!
Hi :D
Rank request (bubbled by PROGUY)
Drain time: 2:16
Thanks in advance ;)

Edit: bubble -> rank
Added my requests.

Please note: I might not mod them in that order and sorry to everyone for being late.
This queue is a fantastic idea made ​​by you :3

1. Artist - Song name: Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON (TV Size)
2. Duration: 1:30
3. BAT req (Bubble):

Thanks a lot!
Nice project, good luck you BATs :oops:
Hello sir PROGUY!
please take a look again on my map for a quick rebubble :)
I just need to make this map ranked before our summer vacation starts. :(
1. Tomatsu Haruka - Yume Sekai (TV Size)
2. 1:26

After that, please do the honor of ranking it [Shi-Ra] :D
keep going
> Modding difficulties from Easy to MXs, Lunatics, SCs, Anothers, ET's and same
1. Ray - ebb and flow (TV Size)
2. Time: 1:30
3. Link:
4. Request type: Bubble~
My first mania map and I know it will bad but hope BAT can accept it abit, and I can make ranked it anyway :D
Thank you!!
Hi Roxas
2. Time: 0:32
3. Link:
4. Request type: Mod (Want to req bubble but SP <12)
Thank you a lot!!!
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