How many languages do you speak?

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^Kana is easy to learn, basically the same as the English alphabet, you could learn it in a week if you tried, easy. Kanji is where it gets difficult
Bulgarian , English and a bit of Spanish
Ring Suzune
English, Afrikaans and Portuguese.
French, english (not fluently tho) & a bit of spanish & chinese (but really a bit)
Finnish, English and a bit of Swedish.

B1rd wrote:

andor-sama wrote:

Hungarian - natively
English, Japanese - fluently (Majoring in Japanese language)
Spanish - just a little
Chinese - only reading a bit (due to my Japanese knowledge)
In the future I want to learn Russian, Chinese and Swedish :)
Isn't majoring in a language a really bad idea unles you want to be a language teacher or soemthing?
Actually there are many possibilities ranging from diplomatic positions concerning international relations to the most language oriented stuff like translating or just as you said teaching.
and I can understand a bit of French but I'm not fluent or anything (know the basics)
English,Italian,Serbian,Bosnian,Croatian,Macedonican,Montengro :D
English native, Chinese since birth but I can't really say I'm fluent unfortunately :(

Also learning French and Japanese at the moment.
I speak fluent english & danish. I speak some norwegien, swedish and german too :D
im fluent in german and english. my italian is decent and my nipponese is weeb lvl.
german and a really really really bad english. I want to learn japanese but yeah :|

Dark_Ai wrote:

I want to learn japanese but yeah :|
Rosetta Stone is your friend
(although it costs like 1307130861386183618301308618318301 money)
coookiezi taught himself Japanese with just textbooks and internet,

it's like osu!, all you really need to do is be motivated and practise a lot.

kirukashi wrote:

Dark_Ai wrote:

I want to learn japanese but yeah :|
Rosetta Stone is your friend
(although it costs like 1307130861386183618301308618318301 money)
Rosetta Stone is terrible. Especially for what it costs, it's not worth it. It's soo much better if you actually just buy a textbook and back it up with cheaper online resources (or even free ones, as they can be very good as well). Rosetta Stone on its own has many problems, and a lot of missed nuances that people should probably pick up on their way to learning to speak a language. Also, Rosetta Stone doesn't even bring you close to fluency. It's more of a kick starter.

I hate to be all anti - thisprogramthatprogram but I'd rather not see people waste their money.
hi im dragon
danish - native
english - fluent
german - i can get around in germany/austria at least
japanese - i can say 2 words
swedish/norwegian - fuck ye scandinavia
[ Pingu ]
English is my fluent. I'm 'quite' good at German. The basics for me at the moment is Mandarin and Japanese. >w<b
what is a fluent
Some people apparently miss the point of the thread. Its name isn't "How many languages do you wish to speak" but rather how many you CAN speak. This implies having at least some basic knowledge about it.

For me it'd be:
Serbian (natively)
English (fluently, or so I think)
German (fluently)
Italian (on a basic level, enough to communicate with Italians as a tourist)
and Slovenian

If we were to go and count "official" languages (or rather dialects/ethnolects), I'd also be able to speak Bosnian, Croatian, Montenegrin (or however you pronounce it nowadays), American English and Canadian English.
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