[Archived] Osu! crashes while I'm playing a beatmap

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I don't know what's happening, I've played 3 times this beatmap Hatsune Miku - Stargazer (Normal) and every time the game crashes when I'm finishing the song.

Anyone knows the solution? Is the beatmap corrupted or something?

-[ Dumpling ]-
does it happen with any other beatmap or just this one?
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I don't know, I only tried this one today. I'm gonna try another beatmap and post the result.
You can also paste the error code/screenshot/video for details! Helps tons.
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Ok no problem with other beatmaps, at least the one I just played. It may be a problem of the beatmap :s

It doesn't appear any message of a problem, the song just collapse and then osu! crashes.
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Oh now I've played the song two times and the game didn't chrash. What could be the reason of these type of errors?
I've had the same problem earlier, hopefully its fixed by the patch just now
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