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One of my difficulties vanished, error on another

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Hello, I was trying beatmapping for the first time today. I figured Id start with an already existing mp3 & timing instructions so I could jump straight in. I worked for a few hours on two difficulties to get some practice.

I wanted to see what the upload menu would be like, so I clicked the upload button on one of my difficulties. I received the message that I did not own the beatmap and when I returned to the menu I found that my difficulty had been cleared, all objects and all settings were gone, the file turned empty.

I'm guessing there's no way I can get it back. It probably wasn't that good anyway, but comments on its badness would've been helpful and there was some emotional attachment as well.
But I'm mostly curious how to prevent this from happening and how to upload my other difficulty. I did initially use the mp3 of an already existing map, but created a new mapset with it, I didn't just add a difficulty so I'm not sure how else to do this. I'm still getting the warning on my other difficulty as well, even though I set all the metadata variables right after googling for the problem.
Sometimes, Difficulties vanish when two of them have the same difficulty name. Could that be the case? Also be sure to chngne the creator to yourself. Normally, If you dragged yourself the mp3 and strated mapping it, they'll say it's yours.

Myself once paniked because one of my difficulty dissapearing, really, what a friggin chance my freind still had it.
Just be sure that you're the creator and the two difficulty name are not the same. If it was none of them, I guess it's a bug.
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