Poll 21: Do you use a skin?

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What skin do you play osu! with?

The default skin, as-is
The default skin, with a few minor tweaks
A skin downloaded from the website or updater
A heavily customized, combined, or original skin
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default skin is suited for casual gameplay, not competitive gameplay

darkmiz wrote:

default skin is suited for casual gameplay, not competitive gameplay
I'd have to disagree. The newest revision of the default skin is actually pretty low on the HOLY SHIT DISTRACTIONS side of things. The hirbursts are pretty small and don't really make it hard to read stacks like the old one did. The only things I hate about it is the spinner, and the kiai effects.

You don't really need a super minimalist skin with literally every element skinned to a transparent png image to play well.
I have recently combined skins from 3 sources and im happy about it :)
Over the past couple weeks I decided to start trying to make my own skin, using both elements from other skins that I enjoy, as well as my own. I find that when I can make certain parts of the skin match my playstyle better I tend to play better :)
I honestly like some of the prettier-looking skins, but I found them fairly intrusive and somewhat more difficult to play with. And although I prefer a cleaner skin, I don't like plagiarism, so I took it upon myself to make my own skin and find what works for me. The only things I have in my skin that aren't actually my own are graphics that I'm using with permission from the creator/ripper, graphics modified from the original, and hitsounds that have been so widespread I don't know where they originated from (trust me, if I knew where they came from, I would definitely want their blessing).

I really enjoyed the DS games, and personally enjoy you (LuigiHann) as a graphical artist, so that explains why I've been helping you with your EBO skin :P It might not be what I'd consider as minimal or as a skin I'd use if I want to play my absolute best, but I like how it looks. Not to mention that it takes me back to the days when those games were still new :)
I usually use the default skin and I rarely use another skin.
LOTS of people use custom skins
I mainly use default skin with hitcircles and numbers from other skins, which I rotate constantly, and a few combobursts I take from other skins \o/

Somedays I use other skins from the forum, not too often though.
I think using custom skin, is much easier to play and edit with..well it might just be tho o3o/

and yeah i'm using my own custom skin, so that's why i'm saying this.
I'm using a customized one, since is more comfortable to play, I use the default one just for modding and mapping
I use the default skin with some minor tweaks to remove the elements which causes lags and distracting at gameplay.
I use skin from the forums (this one at the moment).

As for custom skin, guess I'll make it when I have time :) .
i use a skin i got from someone else and im pretty sure they put it together themself, so heavily customized.
I use my own but i have quite a few so i tend to switch between them and some mix skins i made.
I am using my custom skin that can be found on my userpage
It is a combination of different skins and my own work (cursor / ranking letters and some other stuff)
I'm using the default skin, sort of.

It's not the current default skin, it's the old skin, i.e. template version 3.

I use it because it makes sure you don't make stuff super impossible to read when mapping and helps you judge stuff when playing.

Also the color scheme is better (orange to green to blue is a more logical progression (warm for good, cold for bad) than the other way around))
I use the default skin with changes on the cursor, hitcircle and the Menu sounds. Also I've put my own CTB skin in since I've played with it since the begin.
I combined a lot of skin elements of other people's skin and added my own parts where there was nothing suitable for me
for really competetive reasons

actually I have 2 skins ...
the other is for mapping and casual plays / playing with SBs which is a tweaked version of the current default skin
I have several skins that I use from time to time. I'm not sure if it's a plecebo, but some skins seem to improve aim. I rather like those that reduce the cursor size to a small, mono-colored object. It's easier to lock on.

I don't use it all the time, because it improves performance at the expense of quality game effects.
For standard I don't think I've changed it, since I just have the taiko one for taiko.
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