Poll 21: Do you use a skin?

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What skin do you play osu! with?

The default skin, as-is
The default skin, with a few minor tweaks
A skin downloaded from the website or updater
A heavily customized, combined, or original skin
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Rizumu Tenshi
I know I'm late but
I made my own skin that I can customize freely, mixing a lot of things from here and there, ending up with a skin I can use all time. The skin has items that can be altered, so there can't be only one item for every skinnable thing, including hitsounds. Seriously, mapping is an art, but hitsounding is another art, hence Audacity and the wide options of hitsounds one can use.

Unsure if the changeable items will be included in the .osk or not...
Mr Capuce
A heavily customized, combined, or original skin
Sorbet Rabbit
I like to use skins that aren't big and flashy, and are simple. I used WubWoofWolf's skin for a while, but now I use Salochin's skin.
I dont usually like trying out new skins, but when i do theres usually one thing that i dont like about it. Its usually the hitsounds so All i do is just get another skin and replace the hitsounds mp3 sound.

http://www.mediafire.com/download/530dw ... curate.osk <---- da skin i use

Stahp it len
Tachibana Rika
i use variety of custom skins made by pro players.

so far im using penew's skin.
Ryosuke's skin, with a few changes
I use a modified version of the Axiom skin (I basically deleted all of the UI)
I use a customized skin cause it give me a feeling that's my game ! because the game becomes more personal when u custom ur own skin x)
Can someone give me a nice clean skin not far from the default skin?

I don't use a skin but I wanna edit some assets; and it seems you need to use a skin for that, right?

Edit: Oh my god. I had no idea that the folder for the default skin was 'User'. Wow. OK then!~
I just combined two skins I downloaded.
I stuff many elements into my skin.
Too lazy to screencap the whole thing. go find out yourself xD
i'm too lazy to make my own skin / download / combine / choose
Black Wolf159
I don't even know how to make a skin but I'm very comfortable with Azer's skin.
I used to play with my customized skin which actually started from wario ware skin but changed alot of the time, and even did my own skin on this p/2917930#p2917930 .
But now i use default skin since 2 months ago since it doesnt affect gameplay at any shape or form for me. I am playing as well as i used to without much difference. Not even insibile 300s xD
"A skin downloaded from the website or updater" I use it for taiko :3
A friend customized an HD skin then shared with me. Not uploaded on web.
I mostly play with the default skin, because i think i can only play with it. xD
Skins are nice for variety for me. ^^
just use The default skin, as-is :)
I use three different skins:

1. A custom made one that I created from scratch. It was designed and optimised for AR10.33 and higher.

2. Narrill's older skin for HR with some added customization.

3. A "competitive skin" that is just a mixture of several other players skins like Dsan's, Azer's, Xilver's, Kaoru's, etc.

The only time i use the default skin is when i am modding or editing a beatmap xD
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