Various Artists - Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Compilation

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Bubble #2!
wow im still following this thread and its now bubbled owo ... go go alameow :3
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can't wait :)
placeholder, probably i can mod in tomorrow

did irc mod with alanyan ~

19:40 Xinely: btw having time for irc? not much to mention, the mapset is too pro for me lol
19:40 alacat: oh sure :D
19:42 Xinely: ok first imo the AR could increase a bit here, normally we have Insane diffs with AR 8,5 or 9 for Insane. i can understand you arent making something hard in your mapset but at least try increase the AR a bit like 8,5 for reading the patterns better?
19:44 alacat: want to keep AR rate because This marathon is around 150 BPM and I didn't use big jumps! Then, I guess Many players will play this map with DT so AR 8 is best to me :3/
19:45 alacat: btw how about do you think OD rate ?
19:45 alacat: 6 or 6.5 or 7
19:47 Xinely: 7 is fine but you seem dont make hard so 6,5 would be nicer for me
19:48 Xinely: 02:42:722 (2) - whistle in tail? i hear like bassdrum there
19:49 alacat: ok! and added it!
19:50 Xinely: 03:12:747 (5) - add clap? the drum is a little bit strong just like 02:42:722 - i guess ><
19:51 alacat: ok! I feel so too!
19:53 Xinely: 04:01:992 (2,3,1,2,3) - just personal taste but the drums are same with 04:01:888 - , somehow i feel adding whistle for all circles would feel nicer
19:55 alacat: omg I forget to add it xD thanks!
19:55 Xinely: 04:08:867 (4) - whistle then? :D
19:56 Xinely: 04:12:200 - somehow i feel something missed when skip the drum, but i cant find way to map it with nicely too (rip), just letting you know if you want to map or not, you seem doing it intentionally too lol
19:56 alacat: and 04:02:304 (4) - remove new combo from here
19:56 alacat: whistle, ok!
19:59 Xinely: 04:29:075 (7,8) - probably you make the stream's flow intentionally but if you dont, try 1 grid down for them to make the flow is smoother and looks more circular?
20:00 alacat: made new rhythm for taking the drum !
20:01 Xinely: sure they look great
20:02 alacat: remake that stream for flow!
20:04 Xinely: 05:01:475 (3) - somehow it doesnt sound nice for me here, between you dont map 1/4 for 05:01:475 - 05:01:566 - 05:01:656 - or too much claps hitsound (you may remove clap for 05:01:384 - since only vocal sound at that time)
20:07 alacat: remove clap 05:01:384 - , 05:01:475 - put 50% volume section!
20:08 Xinely: sure, sounds better :D
20:08 Xinely: 06:30:055 - 06:30:861 - 06:31:666 - may add whistles for them, as i hear they sound like drums too
20:10 alacat: all done!
20:10 Xinely: 02:32:544 - oh i missed this before, you did some kiai flash in some songs but this song has no both kiai time or kiai flash, is it intentional? if not would be nice to add kiai flash that this part
20:13 alacat: added whistle! I used kiai at here 02:21:115 - !
20:13 Xinely: ups mistake lol
20:14 alacat: OP : kiai time , ED kiai flash!
20:14 Xinely: 07:00:156 (4) - clap here for the drum? if you do 07:00:257 (5) - remove clap or change with whistle
20:14 alacat: I thought OP is better than ED so I used that :D
20:15 Xinely: i never watch toaru so idk which ones are op which ones are ed lol
20:15 Xinely: yep that's all about the mod :D
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Thank you for checking, Xinely :D
congrats alacat :D
Congratz moecat on qualify :>
Congratulations alacat :D
おめでとうございます :)
omg I couldn't be more excited!!! Thanks to do this<333333

><;;;;; that quick--you really do know your sources x_x

congratz either way ><
I think it should be Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Songs Compilation.
Anyways, congratz alanyan~ Nice map! :D
late gratz!!!!

Haruto - wrote:

Congratulations alacat :D
Grats alacat for the first app map! :3
oh my goodness
graaatz~ alamoe o/
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