[confirmed] Slider bodies don't turn grey in Tag

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I've noticed this too and I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong. This explains it perfectly. Someone please take a look at this.
I experienced this too.
Sometimes there are even more than two colors other than grey and your combo color, and it made me confused :/
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alxnr wrote:

I experienced this too.
Sometimes there are even more than two colors other than grey and your combo color, and it made me confused :/
You do have the same issue, since it's a bug that is there for everyone now I believe. But from what you wrote I can tell why you've had more than one color+ grey. You simply forgot to change your Tag-Colour.
I have the same issue. Not sure how a bug like this was missed over multiple patches. :/
I hope this is fixed soon D: I love playing osu with my friend but it makes it kinda difficult with this bug...
f i z i k
Yea,just experienced the same with my friend. Also seems like servers are buggy so sometimes auto takes over for no reason Q_Q
Lex Crunch
With or without tag colors, this is an issue, and a very annoying one at that. I keep catching myself clicking more than necessary, and then sometimes losing track and missing my own combo, screwing me all up and costing the game.

I think this bug probably came about the same time the font was changed.
f i z i k
I just experienced this bug again,sometimes it will also show in a different color than the one I selected (or is this intended?). Basically the only way to tell if its my turn is to watch the approachcircle
Rainbow Drinker
It's not fixed.
Still happening, please fix it already, I love Coop =(

The bugs:

1) Sliders will ALWAYS be in colour, no matter if it's ones you have to click or not.
2) The approach circles work normally though, so you see coloured sliders with grey approach circles.
3) The tag colour you chose will only be applied to the approach circles. The rest will be default colours, or in case you disabled the beatmap skin, the colours of your skin/default skin. Hence you get weird combinations of colours.

I chose the orange Tag Colour. The other colours you see are from my skin, light green and blue.

osu! version: 20140318.6 - now
I can still confirm this. Happens every time I play tag.
Still isn't fixed for me either, I use http://puu.sh/8qr8J.rar <- skin and I've tried swapping to 2-3 other skins and they retain the same problem
drum drum
moving this back
Cannot replicate. This still an issue or?
Seems to still be an issue for skins that have a custom slidertrackoverride.

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