[duplicate] Combo colours in tag coop have strange behaviour

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Problem Details:
Combo colours on tag coop seem strange, iirc, the parts you're not supposed to play are grey, and the ones you are supposed to play are coloured differently. I've tested it twice with different color overrides selected, and some parts I'm not supposed to play retain the original combo colours, instead of graying out. (It's hard to explain. I'll try to add a video tomorrow.)

How to replicate:
Just go on multiplayer, and start a tag coop room. Select any of the custom colours, and start the map.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140311.7test
I noticed this too. Here is a screenshot of it in action. You can see it's "The Alchemist's" turn and yet my slider is colored, except for the approach circle. I didn't even need to pick a custom color like the OP.

I think I'm seeing the same (or similar?) problem in MP tag co-op. The exact behaviour I'm seeing is this:

- My notes all appear coloured, as they should, according to my tag colour settings (specified colour or default colour per beatmap).
- The other player's regular notes appear grey, as they should.
- The other player's sliders, however, appear coloured per my tag colour settings.
- The other player's sliders are distinguishable from mine only because they still have grey approach circles.

Looking at the approach circles to distinguish between my sliders and the other player's sliders is unfortunately not feasible when the circles are very fast, so this has actually made it significantly harder to play tag co-op without just hitting everyone's notes myself. :/
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