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[resolved] [confirmed] Cursor trail behaviour if 'use raw input' is enabled

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Problem Details:
Cursor trail not working or sometimes it does not follow its cursor properly when in the autopilot mod is enabled and the 'use raw input' is enabled at mouse sensitivity settings. In my screenshot, the cursor trail is green

Reproduction:(Make sure you enable 'prefer new default skin behaviour)
1. Enable the 'use raw input' at mouse setting
2. Enable autopilot mod
3. Select a song and play
4. Notice that the cursor doesn't show cursor trail when you do not move the mouse
5. When the cursor is starting its movement automatically, move your mouse randomly for about 20seconds and you will see the cursor trail in random position.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140305.2 (latest)
Are you using a custom skin or is that the one from that song? I'm having trouble reproducing this with Raw Input on and watching various songs on auto..
I can't replicate either. Are you able to link the skin you are using?

Do you notice any cursor trail issues when not playing autopilot?
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Both default and user-defined skin shows the problem. I make the background in 100% dim to easily notice the trail. I make my mouse movement in rotation even in autopilot mode.
My Findings

Without Row Input:

Blue cursor trail is consistent and is easily visible during auto pilot. Spinners show the blue cursor trail as a nice round shape.

With Raw input

Blue cursor trail shows as delayed singular blue dots that seem to register late, and the trail that gets drawn is between where the cursor trail should have appeared and where the cursor currently is. This is probably not the actual trail that the cursor followed so the dots draw paths where the cursor had not been. Spinner paths are very disfigured and ugly. It's no longer the nice round shape that occurs with raw input off.
Vuelo Eluko
I have the same issue, although "issue" is a rather strong term for such a small malfunction.
Worth fixing though
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