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I have a trouble with BG
So, can you resize to 1366x768?
My photoshop is error D:

Thanks~ :3
hi ringating ;)

link to original image

Could you somehow make the BG easier to see at full brightness? It's really bright since most of the image is white. The one that I have right now is darkened a bit (I just reduced the brightness through photoshop) but other than that idk

Hi! Check auido and background if there is an problem or not if its possible thanks!
Hi ringating. I'm here agàin lol. Could you add text for my map's bg? (Lol it's same request with my previous request). Add the song's composer and title at the center bottom. And please use font which has brush-like style. If you don't get my request, I'll through pm. Thanks


It really streches out badly when i resized it to 1366x768, could you possibly do something about it?
map :

I need a better BG than the current one with 1366 x 768 size.

I need your help.

Thank you
Hi there again /o/



The biggest issue is that all images i've found are rather small and don't fit the expected resolutions at all (the closest one being , but it doesn't really fit well for me since it doesn't depict all members of the series), maybe you can resize it without too much of a loss in quality - if you can find better solution than the above one, just post it as well.

A quickcheck on the video and MP3 would also be helpful if you could arrange it. Thanks a lot in advance again! /w\
hey ringating!

recently i made a bg for a map
i cropped the eyes of each of the girls and then upscaled them to what it looks like currently, but as u can see the quality is no bueno ;w; could u help me do something about that ?

i have the original crops here
and i upscaled them all to 250%

i can also provide the original .psd but you use gimp so idrk if u want it or not XD

bg is here:

thanks so much ! (and i hope maybe I can learn a thing or 2 about upscaling cuz i have noidea how to ;w;)
Hi (Taken the BG from Lesjuh's map, but it has kinda low quality)
Can you maybe improve it?
For a map i want to use this Picture:
The problem is that the picutre is very small and not very quality...

Could you help to find a bigger and better one or a other, fitting image?

The Map for this is not submitted yet since im starting now with mapping...

Here a few Infos for Map that could help:
Title:Heavy Rain (LightUmbreon's Remix)
TitleUnicode:Heavy Rain (LightUmbreon's Remix)
Artist:Junichi Masuda
ArtistUnicode:Junichi Masuda
Source:Pokemon RSE
Tags:Pokemon Ruby Saphire Emerald Omega Alpha Proto Mega

You can send Data / answer via PM if you want
Its the same song as this map:
Heya o/

Can you improve this image by resizing it please?
Also, if you could edit it to remove the text that would be amazing.

Here is my map's thread.

Thanks a bunch ^^
Hello Ringating o/

Can i request for Not Submitted Beatmap?
Can't submit because i don't have slots free :(

But i told you all information to it here.

Artist & Title: Halozy - Genryuu Kaiko
Keys: 4

It would be really really cool when you can do it like someone else do for one of my previous maps:

When it looks like there it would be perfect!

Thanks in Advance, if possible send me the BG with Forum PM
If you have time could you check my BG too, ringating? :3

Thanks in advance :D
uhmm.. I'd like to ask something--

is this the place where i can also request a picture's size to be modified to fit as a "pause" picture? i forgot the term for it--
gah ono;; but if you know,and willing to help,I would be grateful--
I need the right dimensions for this one (without ruining it), and if you like also apply some of your magic which I don't know anything about but makes images still look better.
It's supposed to be a dark themed background, if that's any useful information.

I suppose I can link the BG and mapthread separately? (I don't want to upload the current image yet)
Demetori - Satori Maiden ~ Innumerable Eyes

Thanks in advance!
PS: You probably know Setz by now, he kinda led me to this queue since he uses it a lot.
Heya Ringating o/

Can you resize this background please?

Here is the map thread.

Thanks in advance ^^

Edit: I just noticed the mp3 is not optimal. Can you help me with that as well please?

This BG is taken from Crazy Jay's 2009 map and currently, it needs the right resolution and possibly the quality too.

Thanks in advance.
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