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hi again
a resize pls and thanks
Hello again~

I think the video in this mapset can be improved in quality, seems like 360p right now :/
Thanks in advance!

I got the bg from the video

Hope you can make it better
Thanks in advance!

Can you please try and change the resolution of this image to 1366 X 768. It would be so much appreciated~

Just PM me if you had managed to fix the resolution.
Thanks~! :D
Hello, please help me to improve the quality and resolution of this image. ... _distr.jpg

The image is for this beatmap


irre's diff

bad res


errr, never mind this, i came up with something myself
hi there!

I don't care about the thumbnail since it's in pretty good quality, but the video in my map isn't.

I directly downloaded the video from here :, which is in pure HD

hope you can help me with this

thx :)
Satoshi Kazuki
hi again ringating :D

can you find the suitable BG for this song?

thank you very much :D
Different request, I'm not too sure if I wanna PM you for it, but it's for audio.
I'm trying to find better quality mp3 for
Full vers. doesn't work, because the short version isn't just cropped off, it has its own ending

Thank you 8-)
Hi Ringating. It's me again.. uhm

Can you improve this Background? ... 0120053846

And if its not too much work a Banner for the Beatmap Website? :3

When yes send me please the BG & Banner with PM because i don't submit the Beatmap now cuz it's not finished. But Tomorrow :)

Sankyuu in advance :3

Edit: t/356837 Beatmap Thread link. is now submitted :)
hihi currently has something wrong with it...I think?;_;

original image: ... -male-miya

Hi :< I don't really understand, but my friend told me to ask in this forum, so...
I don't remember the original image link, so I'd be glad if you could help me :<

It's more of a request to put in this video that's ridiculously large and can't be submitted with it .3.

Also here's the thing that's not avi (but it has sound n stuff so yeah):
Hi there, I would like a bg image edit for this

Truthfully, nothing is wrong with it, except the line 'Notecharted by: Pulse' which I kinda need changed to Cryolien. I used to go by 'Pulse' in other games, but not in osu!.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day
Hello once again! I have to request on this map again :

The video file size is way too big, it may be too big for slow internet environments...
Thanks in advance!
-Makishima S-
Hi there,

I think it is rankable but i am not 100% sure (after last Koigokoro DQ issue). Thanks for feedback:
BG Source:

Image darkened a bit by myself.

Thanks a lot.
Hi Ringating. :D

Maybe a better quality? :)

Thank you.
Topic Starter
woops, I let this get pretty backed up.

due to school and my lack of diligence, I'm going to close this queue.
the posts prior to this one will get looked at, and if they're still relevant I'll see what I can do.
I'm not sure if this queue will re-open or if I'll just keep it closed, that all depends on future me.

here's a list of the tools I use to do my various edits, in case anyone's interested (they're all free):

Paint.NET (no, it's not ms paint)

not quite as feature-rich as photoshop, but it's got just about everything necessary for most bg edits. the only thing I've ever wished it had was an alpha mask function of some sort, but that can be added in with plugins. I've used this for 100% of the images I've edited for osu.


pretty much as feature-rich as photoshop, but I have no idea how to use it since I never attempted to learn it. I only ever used this program to save all my .jpg images. Paint.NET's options reagarding .jpg compression aren't nearly as in depth (i.e. they're non-existent), so sometimes it's really necessary to have a separate program just for exporting jpgs (mostly for images that contain vibrant colors).


This isn't actually an editing program, it's just a lightweight tool for lossless (or lossy, though I wouldn't recommend it) compression of .png images. png is a lossless image format, so most of the time it's rather large and .jpg is more suitable (at least where osu is concerned). However, images with mostly solid colors and little noise tend to play pretty well with png, so if you ever want to use a png image like this then it's best to run it through ScriptPNG in order to make it as small as possible.
Flash Video Downloader (firefox extension)

This extension allows for the retrieval of video files (and sometimes audio and other miscellaneous files). Videos from pretty much any video streaming site can be downloaded using this extension (notably youtube and niconico). Granted, this is only a firefox extension, but I'm sure a chrome equivalent exists somewhere.

Avidemux (sourceforge page)

this program can be used to encode the video and remove the audio tracks. It can also be used to do simple editing tasks like resizing, trimming, cropping, etc.

I've taken the liberty of putting together a super high-quality guide on how to simply use this program for osu's purposes.
here is that guide, gl

this program can be used for re-encoding audio to the standard 192 kbps mp3 that most osu maps use. it can also be used to edit the audio, if you so desire.


this program allows for lossless editing of mp3s, so you don't have to re-encode just to add a trim or fade to an mp3. useful if the mp3 you want to edit is already 192 kbps or lower, and the edits you want to do are relatively simple.

just to be clear
this queue is now closed
im crying
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