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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on lunes, 17 de junio de 2024 at 20:02:27

Artist: TWICE
Title: HO!
Tags: kpop k-pop pop korean chaeyoung nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun tzuyu 나연 정연 모모 사나 지효 미나 다현 채영 쯔위 jyp entertainment what is love summer nights
BPM: 160
Filesize: 7536kb
Play Time: 03:05
Difficulties Available:
  1. <3 (4,68 stars, 643 notes)
  2. HARD (3,43 stars, 519 notes)
  3. NORMAL (2,3 stars, 455 notes)
Download: TWICE - HO!
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

learning how to map has been quite a journey, starting from a player who only played for leaderboards and enjoyed playing all kind of songs to mapping only because i wanted more twice songs to play
id have to say the first steps are the hardest cuz you have 0 idea what you're doing and you have to constantly go from 0 to 100 to get to the next step
even if say this 1000 times it wont be enough, big thanks to you dakiwii for all the feedback you gave me on all the maps i spammed you with ;-; it isn't an understatement to say that if it wasn't for you i may not could've keep mapping
thanks nabori for being prob my biggest inspiration for mapping
thanks shunao for all the fun maps you made
thanks syph for helping me also with feedback
thanks melle for teaching me how 2 actually mod, looks at maps and understand them better
thanks airin for accepting the map and helping with ranking it

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