[invalid] Why does my pp disappear?

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Problem Details:
ENG: Today I go to osu! and I see that my pp disappeared. I have no idea why. Could someone explain to me?
PL: Dzisiaj wchodzę sobię na osu! i widzę, że moje pp znikło. Nie mam pojęcia czemu. Mógłby mi ktoś wytłumaczyć?

Video or screenshot showing the problem: - Yesterday (3.03.2014) - Today (4.03.2014)

osu! version: 20140305.2 (latest)
Pretty sure you haven't see the announcement of changes of formulas......pp. are currently known to change as of now.
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And on what basis does it work? if you do not play this pp is deducted?
There have been some changes in pp formula recently that triggered a recalculation for everybody. You didn't lose any pps, your scores have just been recalculated. This is expected.
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