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What is this Skin about?

This is a Skin Based on the Popular Japanese browser Game, kantai Collection.

What I Will Find in the RAR?

You will find the Skin, every element made by myself, If you find something similar around is because I use many Default elements from Windows 8. Also in the Extra Folder you will find a Ranking panel made for those who play in 1024 x Resolution.

I Found a Mistake or Something is where it shouldn't be!
Tell me and I will Fix it


There is Nothing really Hentai in this skin, but there are some suggestive elements like Swimsuits.

My Skinning Style

Lot's of Glowing stuff and Lot's of Sharpening.


Download The Skin Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ism7o ... tionV3.rar

Updated: Removed a Small Visual Mistake, Redownload if you download it before this was Edited
Downloading it right now and Ill leave my opinions in a future post
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Thanks :D
[ LuCiel ]
Hello! :) I have downloaded this skin yesterday, and all that I have to say is that it is absolutely wonderful!! One of the best skins I have come across so far. Thank you for making it ^^
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Thanks, Glad you Like it :D
O.. God.. this skin awesome
so much ship love owo nice skin!
When downloading this skin I was hesitant that I wasn't really going to like it; I was wrong. I absolutely adore it!
If there was anything I were to say negative it would be that I don't really like the reverse arrow. It's too large, making it difficult to see sometimes. Maybe add in an alternative version that is smaller, or add in a new one all together. Allowing players to decide between the two!

Oops, I must have been blind when I tried out the skin. I don't see how I missed it! My memory lies to me. '~'
[ Julian ]
This is so amazing = =... How did you make it.. So great!
owen wong
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Pumpkin wrote:

Beyond that, I see that you are using the default spinner. Do you plan to implement you own? If you do, make it transparent. (I like transparent spinners. >//<)
I.. What? Default Spinner?

[ EvilePat ]
Luv Luv :3 Great Skin :3
I actually still use this skin once in awhile. Its really good
I never use a skin, but this make me doki doki
For some reason the spinner stays as the original one D:
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Pyro wrote:

For some reason the spinner stays as the original one D:
Really?, that's weird.
I just checked and it shows the Skin one. (also on my Yazawa Nico one)

Everybody loves kan colle
Me Likey!! I've play Kancolle (a lot) and I'm a very big fan of their artwork. Thanks for this great skin!!
really nice skin, love it ;) thanks so much :oops:
I know this might be greedy, but could you add Amatsukaze to the combo bursts? :)
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