Aesthetic HD Skin [osu! | mania] - Version 1.3.1

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Quick Question: What font are you using for the Logo etc.?

I kinda really want to use it...
Using this skin and will use it forever. I love it! It's so clean! :D
i love this skin, beautiful :D
very nice skin
Do you think you could do a mania version for 1024x768 screens? :c
Here a screenshot of how it looks now :c
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paulo60379 wrote:

Do you think you could do a mania version for 1024x768 screens? :c
Here a screenshot of how it looks now :c
Unfortunately, I can only use one value for the start of the columns, so they won't be centered on standard resolutions. The best way to fix this for your own resolution is to change the ColumnStart value in the 7k.ini file (and any other *k.ini file) in the Aesthetic skin folder. Reducing the value by about 100 seems to work best, so for 7K try setting it to ColumnStart: 206 if you want to center the columns. You can also change the ColumnWidth value to make each column shorter if you like.
I see, wow now looks much better , thanks for the help ^^
simple+cool skin ;D
I'm not trying to rain on your parade but this skin broke my Osu! At the start of every beatmap it glitches out. It was working perfectly fine but after I downloaded Aesthetic Osu! never worked well again... I do like the skin thoe! Anyways do you know how I can fix this problem
my favorite skin
perfect. Nothing to say just too good. 8-)
I figured I'd post here since I've been using this skin and people are going to see me using this skin, so I thought I should give you some credit.

This is the best skin I've ever used. It took me a while to get used to the minimalist style of the skin, but now that I'm used to it, it feels a lot easier to play. Plus the hitsounds are very nice.
Really nice skin! Well done!
Great skin :3
This skin is awesome! :D

JAMMYMAN001 wrote:

This skin is awesome! :D
I'm waiting for CtB skin c:
Xerxes Break
Nice skin ,i'm waiting for taiko skin.
Very beautiful skin, visually I like very much. :)

But I can not play, I have the feeling that Hitcircle and Approach Circle has a small gap that I always 100er, 50er or miss. So It confuses it constantly. Or am I wrong here? :?
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