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So, I liked the hit meter, and decided it would be cool to add something else:
Nothing too big, just a little numerical indicator that tells you how many milliseconds you're off by..

Would be extremely useful for:
1. Trying to sync your sound with an offset.
2. Making sure a map's timing is correct.
3. If competitive is your way, to brag how many MS you're off by :P

An example, simply edited:

It would probably look cluttered. If you really want to know how many ms you are off by, find out the od and look at this od table. You can guess how many ms you are off by knowing that. You also can't really adjust offset very well in this game apparently. peppy said that it is only accurate to 10ms in windows 7, I don't know about other OS's. A 0~9 ms offset is the same and a 10~19 is the same, etc. The ranges would vary depending on hardware. Find an offset that sounds right and stick with it. As for your last point, just hover over the performance graph and it tells you your hit error and unstable rate.
For me it's fine the way it is now. ^^
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