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Latest updates : About the delays that we are currently having, the tournament is very likely to be postponed of indefinite duration due to lack of staffs avaliable at that time and some other issues. I apologize for the poor management and late notice but the tournament will still be on no matter what.

Couldn't join the TWC? That's okay! How about holding a even more exciting world cup by ourselves?!
Within this thought, me myself,-[ ix Ishida xi ]- and Firce777 are planning to host a non-official tournament.

The map-pool choices are going to be mostly by Ishida and Firce, hence the name of the tournament. Difficulties wise the maps will be a little harder than the ones in the TWC, starts off easier and up. The winning prize will be a year of supporter tag in total at the least, but it depends on the number of players who show interests. If peppy allows, there will also be a profile badge designed and hand drawn by Ishida herself.

Most of the plans are still up in the air, this is only the concept of what we are doing, the details will be release once we got everything sorted in the near future, so keep checking this post for our latest updates!

If you are interested, either match staff or competitors, let me know by commenting down below or by sending a pm to me, Ishida or Firce through the forum messages/in-game.
P.s. This is not a registration phrase, but just an idea of how many people are willing to join.

Thanks for your time and for making the tournament possible!

Current Staff

Manager : abrian159, -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, Firce777
Referees : Haereticus, kg2161012, LZD, Nwolf
Map Selectors : -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, Firce777
Streamer : LunaticP


1st place : 9 months of supporter tag
2nd place : 6 months of supporter tag.
3rd place : 3 months of supporter tag.
※ Prizes are divided equally among the team member.

Tournament Ruleset

Tournament Rules :

1-1. Mods are allowed, limited one per player.
1-2. Mods limited to HR and HD, and EZ if you want.
1-3. Failed score are also counted in the total by x0.75.
2-1. If a player disconnected, there will be a rematch. (up to twice per match)
2-2. If a player continued to disconnect after the rematches, the score is still counted but no rematch.
2-3. If one of the player scored zero, the total score is x1.5.
2-4. You can play 1v2 if you are confident enough. (score is x1.5) However two player must be presence on your team.
3-1. Tiebreaker bound for the first map, but the results are not counted toward the match. Winner can choose first and alternate afterwards.
3-2. If the match happened to be in a tie, the winner of the tiebreaker wins.
4-1. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.

Registration :

1. You need at least two players to participate, a maximum of four is allowed.
2. Bi-national teams are allowed. Bare in mind that all players need to have a common active time period for the tournament to take place.
3. Prizes are divided equally among the team member.
4. During the match, as long as the map has not been selected, you can exchange any players as many times as you want.
5. All members on your team must play at least a full round/7 maps throughout the tournament. (No prize will be awarded for those who didn't)

Map Choices :

Firce777 / Ishida / Taiwanese Mappers / Other Mappers
First two rounds - 7/7/3/4
Third and semi-final - 8/8/3/4
Finals - 9/9/3/4
Tiebreakers - For the first four rounds, original maps by Firce/Ishida are chosen.
For the finals a collab mapped specially for this tournament by Firce and Ishida is chosen.

In general the difficulties of the maps will start off easier. However even in the last few rounds , there will still be a certain proportion of easy maps available.

Note that this tournament are not really for new players. Do not complain if the mappools are too hard for ya.
Suggestion are welcomed, but not arguments.

Tournament Arrangement :

First two round : Best of 7, at least 2 maps by Ishida + 2 maps by Firce, and the rest are optional.
Third round and semi-finals : Best of 9, at least 2 maps by Ishida + 2 maps by Firce, and the rest are optional.
Finals: Best of 11 , at least at least 3 maps by Ishida + 3 maps by Firce, and the rest are optional.

※ These are the ruleset so far, but may be change at any time.

Time Schedules

March - Preparing: to discuss rules, news release, explaining doubt.
April - Staff Registration.
May - Competitors Registration + Map suggestion open.
June - Staff training + Review of map suggestion.
July - Tournament start!
August - Tournament finally start! hopefully.

※ Number of Staff will be cut depending on the number of participants. Addtional registration phrase for those who would like to join as competitors instead.
※ The time schedules are for reference only, specific time will be announced later.


Please PM me with the following details:

Team Name: (sensible ones?
Player names: 2-4 players and choose a captain whom to represent the team.
Active time period: This will be taken into account when sorting the time schedule for the tournament.

*Players from different countries are allowed, as long as they are avaliable for the tournament at the same time, so regional teams are strongly recommended.

Registration phrase end at 15 June, the tournament will start around July, we will see how LMS is going to have the exact date, and hopefully there won't be any clashes.
The match will be postponed due to inactive of manager. Registration phrase will still be opened until abrian got more free time to further organise the tournament, thanks for understanding.

Any suggestion or feedbacks are welcomed. If you have any question, feel free to comments down below~

Note that due to no particular reason Loctav and the official teams are not going to support out tournament, therefore there will probably not be any stream nor badges as stated. However this tournament will still continue and I will be providing the prizes for the winners. The prizes are not huge surely but after all it is the tournament that you should enjoy, not aiming for the prize!
This tournament will be no where near as formal as TWC nor LMS, but a friendly match between us. Please have fun! :D

*staff registration and players registration are now opened.
Additional I'm looking for a main staff who will be in charge of the whole tournament since Ishida Firce and I might be busy in the mean time.
Contact me ASAP thank you.
I guess I really can't miss this even though I'm the worst at those maps /o/
Yes! \(:3)/
way betta than TWC .
Is This Heaven? *w*
yay xD!
looking forward for more details and information :D
Yes please.
Go Go Go ! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

- SB DangYang - wrote:

我不參賽我會說 (´♊ω♊`)?

I'm staff lol

- SB DangYang - wrote:

如果石田參賽當然和我組隊了! (誤
join! > >
虽然实力不太高但是我要为比赛增添人气 :):):)
I'm waiting for more details :D

oh man, let me get a new keyboard, some time, and I might join you.
Awesome, I would participate :D

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