Extra replay features.

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oh yes please

Proxy wrote:

oh yes please
Essentially this. It'd help me out alot, especially the speed slider bar, because then watching replays would amuse me.
drum drum
Bumping for duplicate request t/340682
I suppprt this feature
Why are we not funding this??
We are funding this with many stars xp

HyperBCS wrote:

1.) Ability to pause replay.
Already added in the Experimental release stream, just simply press 0

2.)Ability to scrobble through a replay.
This would actually be a good idea, except it would make the replay download time longer

3.) More speed options, or speed slider bar.
Already added in the Experimental release stream, pressing 1-9 changes how fast the replay goes.

Doge wrote:

1.) You can already sort of do this by clicking the button to add a comment, and then clicking in the text box.
2.) An experimental version of replay scrubbing is up on the test build, I think. Replay scrubbing is actually extremely inconvenient due to the way the score system works and what kind of data replays contain, hence why such an obvious feature doesn't exist yet.
3.) I support this.
1) first we dont want to see that stupid osu logo
2) test build huh you mean cutting edge?
3) thanks
Coming with lazer, I think...
Supporting this idea!
seems like a good idea
Wanted this for awhile +10 <3
Mr Baka
I support, this would be really usefull.
+1 star
Since 3 years ago, still not in (with 2000 stars)
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