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What is Raw Input?

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To follow up with SanicHegehog's question: What DPI do you use? Mouse acceleration becomes more and more difficult to detect the higher it is.
Raw input saved my life. Thank you peppy.
Thank you so much for this, peppy!

Quit osu! some time ago because I kept getting annoying mouse bugs and this option solved it!

SanicHegehog wrote:

Does this fix mouse acceleration from all sources? Sensors such as the Avago 9800 are known to have around (plus or minus)5% acceleration - a mouse with this sensor without acceleration has yet to be seen. As far as I know, this raw input thing shouldn't be able to fix this, but some people that I am in contact with feel as if acceleration has been completely fixed for them. They use the g500, which is known to have some acceleration.
there is no way for software to know if the hardware is causing the acceleration (obviously)

this software will detect software based accel tho (taken from MarkC mouse accel fix package)

dont let your cursor touch the edges of the screen when you're testing else it will mess up the results
I'm using a genius tablet, I tried testing raw input but this results in my tablet not being sensed at all. I supposed that it was for mice but this thread said otherwise...
While it's great to finally see raw input support, I think there's a slight flaw in the implantation. If the FPS dips even slightly from its limiter, the cursor stops tracking properly as if significant acceleration were applied. I've had to go back to normal mouse input with the windows 8 fix.

Are you using the buffered or unbuffered version, and are you processing the input messages in the same thread as the main game loop?
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darkimmortal i think your brain is sending waves that are bouncing off the moon and hitting your cpu causing the issues you mention.

the implementation is not flawed and what you are experiencing is what i can only call your imagination. feel free to use whatever solution you deem necessary to counteract that.
i updated to windows 8.1 and i cant use my tablet with osu! unless the sensitivity is at 1.0x or below and each time i make it go higher it automatically put raw input on and i cant use my tablet at all like this please fix this I NEED TO PLAY MY OSU!!!
Tablets WILL NOT WORK above 1.0x without raw input, because the whole point of tablets is that their absolute positioning means movements are based on physical area traveled. If you want a higher "sensitivity", and your tablet is wacom (which means it doesn't support raw input), you'll have to change the active area in your tablet options in most cases.
Due to the new update I tried Raw input with my wacom tablet and it seemed to work.
?!?!?! um peppy my cursor just got crazy when spining in the spinner is a bug

makemecool123 wrote:

?!?!?! um peppy my cursor just got crazy when spining in the spinner is a bug
If you think this is a bug, then please report it to the Help/Tech Support forum, and make sure to use the search form on the top first to avoid creating duplicates!

Bumping threads that didn't get an answer for 5 months won't result in anything but locking this thread. Please avoid bumping long-dead threads in the future unless it's for a really important reason.
Locked to prevent futher bumping.
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