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Koro McAlpine
I bought it at Target yesterday and this game was good so far.
I've never heard of Bravely Defualt ._.

Bravely Default I've heard of, and it looks interesting. I might get it eventually.
This game is quite a bit of fun. The last few chapters when you go for the true ending get a little repetitive but the overall combat system more than makes up for it. About the only downside to the game is just how broken stillness is as a status (Which hopefully will get fixed in the upcoming sequel Bravely Second)

Nemesis fights are quite a good touch. I hope they introduce more things like this in future JRPGs so that they stay fresh with new bosses down the line.
The Japanese version of the game is better because of thongs

There was another thread, but it was mostly for FC sharing: t/180212

I finally started playing yesterday with the little free time I've had recently, and I'm really enjoying it. I got myself the collector's edition and the artbook + soundtrack are great!
i want the game is it worth getting i played the demo but is the storyline or quest worth it =o
Got it 2 weeks back, slowly taking my time leveling Jobs.
I played The 4 Heroes of Light and loved it, so this was a sure-buy for myself.
Loved the cute marshmallow faces too.

Been wanting to update my Character Profile with the Maximum Damage Limit removed through Bravely Second, but I think I'll wait till my stats and equipment are at their peak. Massive damage awaits ~

A little something which annoyed me was the silly dialogue between the turns during Bravely Second.
My goodness, the lines they gave Agnés.

Soralicious wrote:

i want the game is it worth getting i played the demo but is the storyline or quest worth it =o
I'd say definitely worth it.

I really want to build my town faster, but I can't find any people :(
i've been playing it, i'm in chapter 3 right now, game has been good so far, give it a try if you like final fantasy-ish rpgs.
Really fun JPRG to play, acquiring all the jobs and mixing and matching abilities and passives for maximum damage was cool [Although by the end I found myself restricted to three jobs if I wanted to break 100k hits]. The town building was a bit overpowered, it practically unbalanced the game for me because the high-end weapons at the start of the game made quite a few battles easy. There is that one infamous point in the game which nearly put me off it, but other than that they managed to keep it exciting, especially with the optional boss content later.

Worth the money? Definitely. Based opinion because I love JRPG's though.
[ Dalliance ]
This game is amazing. I got it the day after it came out, and I haven't had much time to play, but the story is great so far, I've put in about 40 hours and I just started chapter 4. I have all my classes maxed, but that's probably because I rebuilt Norende during the first week and got the Growth egg and the Golden egg. If anyone wants all the classes up until the end of chapter 3 maxed through Abilink, just message me your 3DS FC and I'd be happy to add you c:
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