Why you aren't improving at osu! "HOW DO I GET BETTER?!?!"

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best advice ever :):)
Advice 10/10 :3
This is the realest sh*t I've ever seen on osu! hahaha.
I'm gonna have to show my "New to this game and think they are getting into OWC" friends this forum. :lol:

[ Ryushi ] wrote:

This is the realest sh*t I've ever seen on osu! hahaha.
I'm gonna have to show my "New to this game and think they are getting into OWC" friends this forum. :lol:
So you mean this guy?
How ironic that this guy who wrote this is banned

Aws3m wrote:

there is onlyone thing that i hate.. why doall these maps get wau harder attghe end of the map?
like you aer playing smoothly with a little bit of mistakes but you manage to get till the end almost and there is a break.. then all of a sudden out of nowhere the beatmap gets faster and more cirkels andyou fail..
i mean what's up with that? seriously i hate that.. you are so happy that yopu beat the map and then all of a sudden you fail instantly..
that's not motivational at all..

sorry for typo's to lazy to correct them
I know I'm a couple of months late but this is something mainly TV-sized songs seem to do to inflate the star rating/pp gain. If you feel you can beat maps "that hard" but the end kills you, just try a map that is around the same difficulty but 3+ minutes long.

VnSoul wrote:

How ironic that this guy who wrote this is banned
Nice job writing all that.I just finished reading and I gotta say this is some pretty helpful advice
I recommend to just play and play, even peppy will agree to this :v
Play and play and play

until you get frustrated and throw your pen into the wall
You Don't Actually Follow The Beat Of The Song
That really helped me alot with streaming
Before I was usually just spamming the buttons, and went either to fast or to slow
and this time I just tried listening to the beat and after a few tries it was suddenly so easy to stream without losing stamina and getting alot of 100s or 50s.
I only need to work on the stamina now because the first half i was above 97% :)

Good advice
for OSU mania, one thing i can really say is, get a really comfy keyboard for you to play on. Please dont use laptop keyboard(if you are using a laptop to play on one.

Any keyboard will do as long as they have ghosting abilities. if you have cash to spare, go with mechanical keyboard. IMHO though~
Nice thread!

Thank you :D
It really helped me ! :) Thanks alot
I have a reoccurring problem with nearly every competitive game I play... I'm a king of mental blocks. Often times i find myself getting past a spot where i couldn't before, just because i was day dreaming. I do better when i'm thinking about something else while playing many games. I've tried to find some kind of help for this, but everywhere I've looked.. I've come up blank.
Just enjony game ;x I know it may sound cliche, but it really works. If you have fun while playing, don't care about potential misses, then you get much better results.
Recommendation to players thinking of getting a tablet....unless your going to be using it to actually draw with it buy either the H420 or the osu! official tablet they are both around $30. There's no point of spending $150 on something that $30 can do just as well of a job on. I just started on the H420 take a few songs to get used to the tablet itself then a few more to figure out what sensitivity feels right. A balance between speed and accuracy. then as he said stick to it i have mine set to 4.00x and its perfect. I feel like I started to improve faster now that i have one and it makes the game more fun atleast for me.

I am a newer player and I was looking for what i should avoid doing habit wise I got to say this is a realy good post, there's no god d**** chill in it xD. I'm glad to say i haven't fell victim to any of these except the snapping but thats something I'll get better at with time.
Sorry for bumping this thread but, we need more players like you on this community, not these lazy fucks that deny on noobs that wants to get good and expecting an answer from the lazy ones. I get it, your ranking (aim, accuracy, etc etc.) is more important than improving this community and making it more popular around the world but seriously, I hate those kind of people.

Not to mention its really a dick move when players (with a rank of #1000+) sees a "3-4* Join Game" lobby and they join in to show off and shit while losing time to rank up on higher level maps...

But don't take it the wrong way, those guys are actually good and yes they had a shit day but it doesn't give them the rights to not help out the noobs or show off at a multiplayer lobby.
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