Why you aren't improving at osu! "HOW DO I GET BETTER?!?!"

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Believe what you want
-Makishima S-
This game is seriously not newbie friendly, since there isn't a correct difficulty scale (stars are broken) and the newbie doesn't know how to improve, so he try to play hard stuff after practicing around 5 days and then develop bad habits.
Yes and in same time No - actual gaming community or other way, youth is not used to read usefull informations in forums. Sticky topics explain a lot of stuff and time spent to read it, think about it and understand pays off with way better progression curve. Star system is in above 90% cases good and properly set up way of progressing.
Additionaly high level skilled players do not help others simply becouse of feeling "pride" of being skilled (i don't take this from them). In years of live streaming, newbs go to"C" or others stream, see shiny crazy maps and they want to play them instantly - wrong. Noone is even telling them about journey what every skilled player made to gain ability of properly playing this game, they are not aware of bad habits etc. We find here skilled players who actualy help A LOT (even from top ranks), example of Azer when he got asked how he trained to be good, he explained path of progressing and for my personal surprise, denied newbie from playing any mods till he can utilize last pp from nomod. I can find a lot examples of both, here in forum and on twitch - pride useless players who will tell you in eyes "shut up noob, go fuck yourself scrub" or ignore you becouse you are noob and usefull "god bless you guys" top rank players who wish to help, wish to explain things, wish to talk with you (personaly i didn't talk to any of them, i have my own mentor who keep track on my progress and so far, i end up good, happy and with lots of fun). But whatever, end of taking each point of newb playing too hard maps problem.
Here we come back to sticky topics which should have some parts bolded with text for full screen and additional monit each time newb run too hard for him map without AP - "Your action will destroy your ability to play this game correctly".
But hey, producer cannot deny them from trying to play this maps, it's not mean to be "nazi mode" game with restrictions.

Basicaly if you start playing a game, it's on your side to make research how to progress, how to avoid mistakes and how to colloquially - not be a shit garbage.
Forum topics + GnR provides this informations.
Not our fault, nor peppy or Osu Staff that youth / newbs prefer to yel at us becouse we convince them to stop playing too hard stuff and progress properly.

"Quest system" -> check o2jam, DJMax Trilogy, Beatmania IIDX, etc... Could provide a lot of fun and motivation to compete against yourself and not again others (aka pp)
Osu doesn't need this, it's useless addon. I find fixing scores a good way of checking improvment in way where you challenge YOURSELF and YOUR skillset on harder map, gain score, go back and progress properly to later on play this map one more time and be proud of way better score and more fun from playing it.
Achievement system is also good, actualy making some more rare right now achievement like "Don't let the bunny distract you!" is a challenge, sadly cannot explain why without placing spoilers which will made me banned. Make some research about this by yourself if you want.

It could be way more of them but actualy, i prefer that Staff focus on making client more stable, more customizable and at same time, helping people with their problems than spending time on creating useless achievements which honestly, doesn't prove much.

Account level based on your play time is fine for me, it also doesn't show your skill level, not abilities, useless add-on but why not, i like to "play more" to get this 104/105 level (maybe someday). As everyone know, playing more in way of progressing makes you a better player. Enough motivation to choice proper progression way.

Titles -> check Lunatic Rave 2 internet rankings, http://www.dream-pro.info/~lavalse/LR2I ... =gradelist ... Very fun too, somewhat hardcore, feel proud about something "tangible" which have value and very motivating.
Ranking is not enough? You realy want some "titles"?
I don't see point in this.

Both of ideas above reminds me of "grind" / "boring questing" from MMO.
It doesn't make sense here, at all.

Once you are a bit more mature, I think we can continue this conversation, because I except you to not begin to defend something you like for the pure fact of defend it.
By saing this you just proved that you are not mature.
Being adult doesn't make you mature and other way.
Mature person don't go agressive and offend speaker in way like you done it here. I recommend you to rethink your way of speaking unless you want someone to make disquisition about interpersonal communication and way of proper discussion and argumentation.

but my critique is against the lack of resources to compete against yourself
I think we have here lack of imaginary. Example how i compete with myself (i will repeat it anyway):
As player who is on ~4.5* 180 bpm max ar9 od8 skill level, i like to go into 5* and challenge myself, make complete focus on what i am doing, how i am doing, place everything what i learned till now into max efficiency on challenging map, make best possible score and leave it. It's how i was doing while i was playing 3* -> go into 4*, challenge yourself, skill up, play it again. I was proud (and i think i am still proud) of some high acc fc what i made now, but i wasn't able to make while being lower skilled player. So now, when i have ~92/94% low miss amount scores on few 5/5.3* maps, when i rise my skill level, and fc them with acc above 98% or even 99% close to 100 i will feel same - yes, i am competing with myself to "beat" this score and i need to play more, progress to do this properly.

And to add more salt to the problematic, and to understand what I meant with "The rank system is broken", you just need to put some very high rank players to play some old maps with low AR, or let some of them play slow BPM streams, or weird patterns, then ask yourself "what's hard?". Maybe you won't understand this right now.
Old maps are great and honestly, if newbs could play them way more insteed of hearing "overall hate against old maps from bullshit community", acc problem would disappear, same as reading ceratin patterns, especialy stacked notes. Guess how Azer was training to improve his acc on HDHR: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/31819 +HDHR, repeat, repeat, don't give up. Just an example. I am sad that so many people actualy hate old maps becouse to be fair - more than half of haters are completly unable to play them due rising hype of high ar and sanic speed bpm, other half are mindless sheeps following them. There are exeptions who can actualy make some arguments and speak their minds with understanding problem of some old maps where great majority of this haters cannot even make single proper argument to justify this hate.

No, you don't need high skilled player to play old maps, they are in same way - from 0.5* into 6*, major diffrence is that old mapping favorize circle clicking and acc insteed of mindless 80% sliders, 10% break time, 10% circles like it is now becouse "it's easy to check, easy to mod, easy to map............ overall easier in everything". Old maps force you to learn how to acc, how to read maps and this two abilities if properly polished while progressing, makes your gameplay later on way easier.

But we need to go with time and make game and maps more friendly to newcommers so actualy creating way easier maps than it was before is fine.

So if this game is focused on competing against others, how are the newbies going to actually be able to compete against others? How do you except a 2015 player, that will play non-stop till 2018 to beat an old player who has experience in many kind of aspects including low AR, weird or disliked patterns among the players, slow BPM streams , etc... if the progression in this game is viewed mainly from a PP perspective?
How you see progression is your way of thinking. Game doesn't tell you that "progression" = more pp. 2 players with same amount of pp at moment of being able to properly play actualy challenging maps above 4* AR9 are diffrent. Here actualy start specializing into aim/speed (later on DT players), aim/acc (later on HR players) or mix of both (takes longer to asimilate nesesery amount of "skill"), at the end in top rank, you should be able to play everything. On your rank you should actualy know this.

Let's take Rafis as example, took him 2 years to reach #2 and being fairly competetive to top tier players, in my personal opinion even to "everyone-know-who-naming-is-bannable-peppy-hate-him", WWW, rrtyui or hvick.
Everything is matter how you come into this game, you forgot that competetive player who is serious about competition will train skillset insteed of watching useless numbers which will incerase anyway while you make progress.

That's all from me. Feel free to throw words but i expect arguments, examples and TRULY mature speaker, else i will just ignore your wall-of-tears.
i read this twice and still crying :'(
I've been playing 2 months now and I have no idea what snapping is! Shoot, I just found out that using the keyboard to hit notes while letting my tablet to guide was much easier (after playing osu! at my bf's house with a mouse) for me. I also didn't notice the hit sound thing. Overall, I thought this was a great thread!
Snapping is a method of aiming where you try to make a very sharp and fast movement to reach the next circle as soon as possible. I personally don't feel it's necessary but it's a useful skill to have.
I died laughing while reading this XD but this really helped with a few things i wasn't sure about. Thanks!
much true, really
Truly, I play osu not just improving on it :l to be honest, i don't panic when I don't have the streaming skills that can compete with Wub :l

I just like to enjoy the music :3 ~~~~~~~lmao x3 - Cool
Well, I'm now one step closer to becoming the best!
Time to slave away.
When FLAG Clicked
say GO! NOW!
Go green!
Stopped playing osu! game mode since i realised it wasn't really my cup of tea now going to play CTB :D
2 questions:
Does constantly singletapping (and sometimes alternating) by gradually playing higher BPM maps make my hand stream faster within time?
(I'm patient for that lol, not saying I want to deathstream with all 300s only after 1 day of training)

And, how do I keep the pen (I'm a tablet player) close to the active surface without tensing up my hand and getting a bit of pain afterwards?
Happens when I fail after lifting up the pen while being close to the end of the song with no misses.

Vayttoh wrote:

2 questions:
Does constantly singletapping (and sometimes alternating) by gradually playing higher BPM maps make my hand stream faster within time?
(I'm patient for that lol, not saying I want to deathstream with all 300s only after 1 day of training)
Yes, but it only boosts your theoretical streaming speed. You still have to acquire the technique itself which is a big challenge on its own. This still does not mean that you will be able to stream really fast but faster than someone who plays fullalternate and didn't do any further streamtraining.

Idk about your other question cause hail mouse.-
Anybody got some excercises to share about getting your hand muscles ready and strong to play in the most effective way? i've been struggling to keep my stamina lately and i don't want to put too much stress into my hand muscles as i already hurt them before

Crysterion wrote:

Anybody got some excercises to share about getting your hand muscles ready and strong to play in the most effective way? i've been struggling to keep my stamina lately and i don't want to put too much stress into my hand muscles as i already hurt them before
https://www.reddit.com/r/osugame/commen ... ga_thread/
To be honest Im probably above average for my square hitting skill with mouse at my rank, and even though I read your post a long time ago, back then I just couldn't read squares as four notes. Now that my reading has improved I can tell that squares are individual notes in a certain pattern. So my advice is: don't worry about reading squares. They will come naturally once your reading in general has improved. :P
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