Why you aren't improving at osu! "HOW DO I GET BETTER?!?!"

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The hard part about all of this is realizing your bad. I've reached my rank and could probably reach 8k off of my aim alone, but i cant stream for jack and have awful accuracy most of the time.
This may sound stupid, but is it really that important to snap? If so, then is it possible to get used to snapping just by playing maps that I feel are hardly reachable for me? cuz I think when I'm playing a slow map, I won't snap at all where as playing a faster map I am forced to kinda snap.

MISTER-G wrote:

This may sound stupid, but is it really that important to snap?
Only if you think it's important. Do whatever you want.
i would like to add that i belive if you practice correctly and efficiently snapping comes naturally at least it did for me
If you play 6-7* maps then its extremely important. Everything under that can be played by cursor dancing all the time.
And considering your rank i think that you should let it come to you naturally.
I would say everything is true and it has a lot of good advice. One thing I would disagree with however from my experience is the part about tablets. Even though my first attempt at using tablet failed terribly, after 3-4 days I'm already playing at the same level as I did with a mouse, and in a week I can play maps I used to have much trouble with In 2 weeks I S ranked those maps that were impossible prior to getting a tablet. While tablet didn't make me instantly better, my improvement rate quadrupled after getting a tablet.

icewolf159 wrote:

I'm already playing at the same level as I did with a mouse
This is completely normal.
The peripherals don't matter as much. Just think please.
A lot of your skill lies in your tapping hand and in your eyes and in your brain.
When playing on an easy level of gameplay(and you certainly do) there isn't real muscle memory you can build up in terms of aim cause every map is just distance-snapped 1/1, 1/2 slider-circle spam.
So effectively 95% of your ability transfers over.

Also aiming - which is a big hurdle for mouse-users at the beginning - is much easier with tablet but you will eventually run into trouble with your cursor-stability which is a problem mouseplayers simply dont get.

Personally I would suggest you to download some beatmap packs as you seem to play only very few maps again and again which generally hinders improvement as you start to memorize the maps unconsciously.
actually once I started up my tablet everything got so much easier, I'm still not an awesome player but the tablet was just so much for me
I took a break from osu! for a few months. I decide to come back, and surprisingly, I notice an improvement in my aim and stamina when I play offline.

F1r3tar wrote:

I took a break from osu! for a few months. I decide to come back, and surprisingly, I notice an improvement in my aim and stamina when I play offline.
Connecting to Bancho=instant skilldrop? xD
It's actually in his head.

Endaris wrote:

Connecting to Bancho=instant skilldrop? xD
No, I just get nervous when I play online.

Khelly wrote:

It's actually in his head.
Nah, I got an S on a map I wasn't able to before. I got some damn nice combos on maps that were too hard beforehand.
Firis Mistlud
Fuck me, I can't remember the beats of the song for some reason

That's why I only sightread maps with shitty 95% accuracy
Senpai Spiny
Thank you for taking the time to help others and myself. I find you're absolutely right about these.
Just as a side note, I also love the way you type.
This game is seriously not newbie friendly, since there isn't a correct difficulty scale (stars are broken) and the newbie doesn't know how to improve, so he try to play hard stuff after practicing around 5 days and then develop bad habits.

To solve this problem, a star rating of difficulty should be based in general opinion of the players of all levels, but this game is so poorly designed, that it forces you to learn what is needed to get PP and try to beat players who have been playing for a very long time osu!standar or other rhythm games. It doesn't reward competing against yourself with a quest system, level up system, "titles" determined by your skill. This game doesn't feel like a game, it feels more like an arena where players fight between them, without skill distinction, to obtain pp and be the best.

The concept behind osu is totally messed up and I have not doubt that the popularity of this game will decrease once there are few potentials players to join this.
That's the newbie's fault, though, for ruining themselves. People are perfectly willing to give proper advice if they're willing to listen.

I've always found stars to be reasonably correct with few outstanding exceptions.

You're never forced to learn what's needed to gain PP. Only if you care about ranks. A quest system in a rhythm game? How would that work? There's already a levels system. I don't see the benefit of titles. In my opinion, the PP system is the perfect reward for competing. I think this game feels plenty like a game for me. In fact, it's the closest thing to a pure game I have found in a long time, with no story or anything to get in the way: Just pure gameplay.
I can see that you like the game; but your opinions are extremely biased, and you don't have enough knowledge about rhythms games.

"Quest system" -> check o2jam, DJMax Trilogy, Beatmania IIDX, etc... Could provide a lot of fun and motivation to compete against yourself and not again others (aka pp)

Titles -> check Lunatic Rave 2 internet rankings, http://www.dream-pro.info/~lavalse/LR2I ... =gradelist ... Very fun too, somewhat hardcore, feel proud about something "tangible" which have value and very motivating.

Once you are a bit more mature, I think we can continue this conversation, because I except you to not begin to defend something you like for the pure fact of defend it.
idk, osu! wasn't that competitive before ppv2 I think.
There's no need to become really good at this game and people can just enjoy themselves playing, be it solo or in multi with friends.
You might think that osu! is really competitive but it isn't unless you want it to be. None forces you to compete with other players, you can play offline for your entire life.

Besides from that there are no newb-friendly rhythm-games therefore I don't see why osu! should try to become one. And I think star difficulty has a decent degree of accuracy for the lower star brackets(below 3/3.5) ;)
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