Why you aren't improving at osu! "HOW DO I GET BETTER?!?!"

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thelewa wrote:

I just read all of this and surprisingly everything is true

ScarletStory wrote:

MISCELLANEOUS (non-playing related) REASONS

3. You want to impress others. This will be an easy one. The next time someone tells you about something great that they worked for lets say maybe they got into Harvard. You look that smug law school good for nothing Son of a B#$%$ right in the eye and tell him how you streamed 20 notes at 222 BPM and you only got 10 100's and 5 50's!!! After you inevitably get looked at as if you are the biggest idiot in the world, please come back here and let me tell you something young one. Osu! standard the concept of the game is to press keys or click while aiming where indicated by hit objects (circles, sliders) oh and to bring it all home spin your cursor in a circle for spinners. Doesn't sound so impressive to someone who doesn't play Osu does it? That's because well... it's not. Thats not to say that being good at Osu! isn't impressive or that others won't be impressed by your skill, but the point is the only person you should try to impress is yourself.
Revealing the truth in this way is so offensive and demoralising that people may even suicide after reading it. I propose you add a warning to this part so people can prepare themselves for the shock following the realisations that may ensue.

Can't tell you how many threads start off with the same context of "I saw this guy play and I wanted to do the same stuff, but can't. Pls help?" I mean that's literally the basis for every "pls help" thread on G&R. Somebody else can do it, why can't I? (i.e. I'm impressed by them, I want to impress too.)
Much true, very shock

No but in seriousness, you are right. People need to realize that their own ego is what is keeping them from improving. Heck, even I thought I was "good" at some point which is pretty funny because I was so bad.

Good thread.
it always disturbs me that people capitalise the o on osu!
Some decent points are made such as the "Same settings" and "Bad habits" sections.

Overall its just a wall of text that needs to be better organized. 5/10
I like this advice. if only it wasnt all a big wall of text. (use paragraph/spacing/whatever)

edit: here's a more aesthetically pleasing version. lazily editted
edit2: deleted my quote because OP used it :> ty
^Dis Reply above me is better to read

Much true
Very text

Hard to read for my Eyes q.q gave Spoderman cancur ... need spacing
Some good, some obvious, 2 I disagree, the two above the last one.

A setting that suits you after 2 months of playing might not be the best one after a year or two. Your physical abilities improve with practice and thus you might need to change them several times in the first year of playing. Just do it wisely. You should stick to one setting the moment you feel your "aiming" hand is fully trained. But even then things like resolution full screen/window settings play a role and you simply MUST experiment with it as to find the best option.

As to copying playstyles, I'm pretty sure copying some manners may be beneficial for the player's improvement. Remember, that if something is comfortable for you it doesn't mean it's the best in terms of performance in a freakin circle-clicking game. You must find the best playstyle you can in terms of pure performance, e.g. your clicking hand position should allow to keep up with any speed you're physically able to and maintain it. If an effective playstyle isn't natural or comfortable for you, just make it so via practice!

Just look at all the players who grab their mice/pens in a strange way, the same with hand position on the keyboard. Do you really think this is how they've been using keyboard and mouse since ever? (implying that any standard PC user wants to work at maximum comfort)
I actually did get an ss on Scarlet Rose on the first day but it was in offline mode in a multiplayer match so the replay didn't save :\

buny wrote:

it always disturbs me that people capitalise the o on osu!
I agree...

OT: I agree with your points, and it's almost sad that I've basically have been playing with these 'bad habits' for half a year. To me it has sorta become the norm for me to just repeat songs over and over until I get it or I just get sick of it. Initially my drive to get better was to just pass my friend in pp, and I'll admit that I improved more in 2 months than I had the previous half year I was playing. Ever since I did that, I started to have less and less fun playing without really realizing it and now its just a game where I'll compare myself to someone else and just think I'm bad.

Maybe quitting is the best course of action at this point...

bewaredrev wrote:

I actually did get an ss on Scarlet Rose on the first day but it was in offline mode in a multiplayer match so the replay didn't save :\
sounds legit

bewaredrev wrote:

I actually did get an ss on Scarlet Rose on the first day but it was in offline mode in a multiplayer match so the replay didn't save :\
omg me too :!::!::!::(:(:(:(>:(
Holy shit, this is like the bible of improving, can't disagree with anything. Though the formatting could use some a lot of work.
Mamoru Senpai
The non-snapping wall hit directly my face.
bookmarking this thread. I am now your fan.
Myke B
hopefully ending the questions "how do i get better at osu?"
lool. Cool thread, but good luck trying to stop world hunger while you're at it.
pls box= zzz

ScarletStory wrote:

You Don't Follow Sliders ALL The Way Through
Coffee Hero
One thing that really helps improvement is to watch your own replays and critique yourself on what you don't do well on.
I find that that only helps when you're trying to FC a hard jump part and are not sure about how you're missing it
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