Yonekura Chihiro - Koiseyo Otome! (Game Ver.)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2024 m. gegužės 26 d. at 00:57:05

Artist: Yonekura Chihiro
Title: Koiseyo Otome! (Game Ver.)
Source: サノバウィッチ
Tags: eroge Sanoba Witch サノバウィッチ yuzusoft 柚子社 galgame visual novel vn Sabbat of the Witch video game japanese j-pop jpop pop Son of a Witch: Sabbat of the Witch Sonova Witch Sonovawitch Sabbath
BPM: 230
Filesize: 18603kb
Play Time: 01:23
Difficulties Available:
  1. A New Start (6,1 stars, 383 notes)
  2. Another (4,85 stars, 290 notes)
  3. Beginner (1,2 stars, 63 notes)
  4. Easy (1,82 stars, 111 notes)
  5. Expert (5,37 stars, 314 notes)
  6. Extra (5,6 stars, 353 notes)
  7. Extreme (5,9 stars, 374 notes)
  8. Hard (3,58 stars, 245 notes)
  9. Insane (4,5 stars, 313 notes)
  10. Library Incident (6,81 stars, 410 notes)
  11. Light Insane (4,1 stars, 277 notes)
  12. Normal (2,58 stars, 159 notes)
  13. One Kiss, One Spell, and a Future with You (6,32 stars, 392 notes)
  14. Perverted Witches, Lustful Synchronicity and a Route to my Lovely Princess (6,5 stars, 403 notes)
Download: Yonekura Chihiro - Koiseyo Otome! (Game Ver.)
Download: Yonekura Chihiro - Koiseyo Otome! (Game Ver.) (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
As our hearts meet, draw the future of Sweet Marriage with You

A map that I've worked on for quite a long time, I hope you'll enjoy this amazing opening sung by Yonekura Chihiro for one of the most popular Yuzusoft titles Sanoba Witch!

A huge thank you as always to Hoa for doing god's work with the editing process of the video and everyone who has testplayed the difficulties and shared their opinions on it :)

Don't hesitate to try Sanoba Witch, they got visual upgrade in 2023, so the CGs and the UI looks much more high quality now~ Perhaps this may be the reason to replay again if you played in the past.
thank you box <3

- jonathanlfj Local Hero Huge thank you to both of you, for taking the time to mod such a big set of mine! It took a long time and the modding process might've been tough to get through all of the difficulties, but I'd like to give a huge gratitude!

- defreeyay thank you for such an awesome quality mp3 and helping us with the metadata!

- Lafayla helping to resize one of Meguru's backgrounds, thank you!!

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