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Hey, so the title is kind of vague because I honestly couldn't think of a better one but hear me out. When you try and remove a song from a collection it'll take you out of the collection and redirect you to the song that you were on, but it'll be either in a different collection or not in one at all. This makes organising collections pretty tedious seeing as if you have a bunch of songs you want to remove from a collection then you'll keep getting redirected out of that collection :?

Also related to collection management, you can only remove a whole song (all the difficulties) rather than just one difficulty, so the 2nd part of my request is for there to be an option to only remove one difficulty.

In summary:

1. Stop redirecting me back to a song I removed that is now in another collection or in all songs.

2. Add the feature to remove just one difficulty of a song.

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also first point sounds more like a bug...
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