Forgetting to Breathe

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Myke B

Sorun wrote:

Either learn how to breathe under pressure or just don't. Worst case scenario you pass out.
I laughed too hard. I can just picture the face now.
sit down and go slo whil i tel u all grand stury

ons upon tim lon ago b4 the tim of cockez and 15 yrold japanes kids who use tohp ro of qwerty kb
ther was a man who honto gud at uso!
u c, he was fstr than sanic, more acc thin bst irl snipr who go2wur, reed betr den bes cooleg profesrz, and he pley de pure kb

das rit, mov n tap w/ kb

uc, 1 buton was 4 increse ptnr speid, 1 4 decres, aro kee 2 mov, a,s,d,f 2 taps

he was doge of vidya gim

had #1 on al map

but 1 dey, he trid go 4 far 9 him. al his frin and worshipr (he betr than cockez) sed dont do, u'll dedded!
but h3 had gotn bord wif gam. gam 2ez. inso not chaleng anymur
so he opend mod slecshun. piked hrhddtfl, then he blindfold selph
he typd into map serch "bigfreedomcokrosedivemoneyscarleytutorialwowimposiblmapawakejusttag999djnogardpopringhostremotestarstreamskycontrol"
spec crowd gahsp
no1 ever pas map, let aloen al mod
he pres entr

map start.

it was mazing bes pley, fc ssssss 99999% - but only almos

rite b4 las not, de bes pleyr dedded

u c, he culd hav don it. but map 999945 presure 245 him. nervus wuld fale 2 fc and wuld disapont specz

bes playr evr 4g0t mos importnt lesun:


And that is why you must learn to breathe, for if you do not, one day, while making the play of your life, you might die from suffocation.

Thank you.
Mamoru Senpai
When retards wanna be funny.
[ Stellar ]
what is this, Yahoo answers?
Myke B
It's getting there..
I've had moments where I forget to breathe while playing a map, but more often its the lack of blinking XD

Mamoru Senpai wrote:

When retards wanna be funny.
I don't think I forget to breathe (I may do it without realising, hell if I know) but I definitely do get tense from being nervous. I feel my stomach tensing up mainly.
Heh, usually when I am doing a hard song I breathe really loud so I have to mute my mic if I am in a call.
If I'm on a good score, I don't feel it until after the song has finished. Then I'm an absolute mess gasping for air and trembling like mad xD
Xyrax Alaria
I've had this problem my entire life. It's just habit now I don't even notice it so sadly I don't have any tips other than saying

I'd say more of a problem is when you think about breathing and you're stuck manually breathing for the rest of the song
Hold your breath is normal, in precision sports like archery is used to improve accuracy.
Myke B

csgutier wrote:

Hold your breath is normal, in precision sports like archery is used to improve accuracy.
Yea - he's probably trying to steady his tablet/mouse hand. It's normal for a lot of other things, too.
I get to know of really weird people in this forum in every passing day...

Read a book, do something else that takes concentration and make sure your breath rate is normal. Also, it should be fine as long as you don't suicide
Topic Starter
Thanks for the feedback :D
Near reading the end of the 2nd page of this it started to look a bit weird but :P (Including a post that took so much effort to read I just skipped it)
xD I guess I'll just try to pay more attention to breathing while playing and try to relax then.

(Dat FC tho)
Guilty Kiss
I have had moments where I was gasping and shaking when I'm doing really good on a song (but then I miss the last note with sudden death on and need to start over again without it)
for me its buttcheek clenching

buny wrote:

Mamoru Senpai wrote:

When retards wanna be funny.
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