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[ SRHD ]

Skin Name: SRHD's 'Pro' Skin
Creator: SolemNRomanHD
A simple skin wich i made. Really usefull for Hidden.
Version: V1.0
Version 1.0:
.OSK :
.RAR :

It's basically just my other skin. But then with some adjustments so it plays even better, but you can't enjoy background videos/images anymore.
You really DO have to put your dim on >95%!

Also check out my basic skin : p/2756275

Looks pretty sweet. Will give it a try.
very good skin :3333 i love this skin
Fun to play with! Nice colour scheme as well.
I stole your follow point since its so nice
Fun Skin :D
Pretty Nice ^.^ deserve to be download :P
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[ SRHD ]
Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate it! :3
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[ SRHD ]
Added some gameplay. :)
Very nice skin.

:cry: too bad I suck with it for some reason
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[ SRHD ]
Isn't there anything i could improve? I find it hard to believe it's a 10/10! :p

Kind Regards,

PS: This is also a cheeky *bump*. :D
Basicly it's a great skin i think, but i have to say that the cursor is not that awesome
when its too small for me personally.

7/10 :3
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[ SRHD ]
Another Bump :)
Looks really good, well done!
[ Kyuu-kun ]
oh my gosh the hits sounds are magical and the hit circles too <3
lovin' the skin ;)
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[ SRHD ]

Shiloux wrote:

lovin' the skin ;)
Thx ^^
Isn't the comboburst too big for a "pro skin" ?
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[ SRHD ]

Demmon wrote:

Isn't the comboburst too big for a "pro skin" ?
Not for me atleast, I find it playing really well :)
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[ SRHD ]
New gameplay video! Check out the main post or go to this link:
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