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Problem Details:
Whenever I try to login to my account I get the error "A server-side error occurred".
This has persisted throughout the day.
I tried changing my IP out by using my cellphone, but it didn't work.
For some reason I could still log in to my friends account, though, so this seems very odd.
I tried googling but all I could find was some crap about changing my IP and HWID, I tried changing my IP like I said, but I don't know what a HWID is.

Also, I could do tracert without a problem.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140127 (latest)
Contact regarding this issue.
OP is non-existent from now on~
i have a idea :idea::idea::idea:
Why you don't reset your windows, it may helped.
Reset windows is making all setting set to default and helped Server side error to get well, but you may lost your data , and i recommended to you to backup your data before to do this

Just Helped -peace up-
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