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I want to ask about how this new performance points work?Because i still haven't ranked on performance

How it works

The new ranking processor determines a difficulty value for every beatmap and mod combination in the game. This difficulty is then used to rate all your scores individually. In the last step the system combines all your score ratings into one number, so that your best scores count the most. This number represents your performance points. A more detailed explanation of each step will follow shortly in the wiki. Stay tuned.
Since You played CtB,
Performance Points feedback and suggestions (Catch the Beat)

Tom94 wrote:

note that currently the Catch the Beat ranking is not functional. If you have any suggestions on how the future system should work, then leave it in this thread, please. :)
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oh...thanks for that reply,does the catch the beat ranking still not functional?
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Why catch the beat performance points is not functional?Is they have a problems :?:
it is still in the making
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Are they making changes the ctb pp?
actually this chat is in wrong forum.
*would change it if I could...
edit: and yes, they are changing CTB pp calculation
check out thiz thread
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I think this forum are resolved...i don't have anything to say,well,just that i wanna say,these forum...resolved!!!
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