[added] Skinning request: end of slider hit circle

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This is a kinda unimportant feature request and I'm not sure if it has been requested before. Apologies if it has, and wasteland/ lock it if so.

I think it'd be great to have separate hit circles/ hitcircle overlays at the start and ending of sliders. I'm aware of the fact that you can already have different hitcircle overlays; this is a separate request. I'd like for the start of sliders and end of sliders to consistently have DIFFERENT hit circle overlays.

Here's a little text example:
Regular slider-
START O=========O END
Skinned slider-
START O=========O END

Skin behavior for reverse sliders could be specified in skin.ini, maybe?

As someone who is always playing with my skin to optimize it for competition, I would find this very helpful. It would help me act a little faster when moving from slider to slider in a slider intensive map such as Dance Number
Myke B
so like the end of the hit circle would have an approach circle as well?
might be a duplicate. sounds familiar...
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