[resolved] [confirmed] Personal Best rank cut off when rank number has 5 digits

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Problem Details:
When mousing over the local best score, the rank that appears on the user image is cut off.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Bottom left corner.

osu! version: 20140127
Improve your rank to less than 1000, and it's gonna be fine. I'm pretty sure this is intended.
Not really a bug so much as a design failure. It does happen though...
Myke B
Maybe that should be put in the feature requests - decrease text size for rank when over 5 digits? No idea, but shouldn't be hard to fix, right?
The keys on key overlays do this at 1,000 presses too, so the framework should already exist (maybe). I'll confirm in low priority for now.
I don't even think that needs to be there, It's already shown twice :D
Doesn't seem to happen anymore.
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