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Problem Details:
I had before the update rank 5700 in catch the beat , and now in this update shows me 282062 in the ranking:( and I've played every day and well.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
panel profile in the game

osu! version: 20140127 (latest)

plis help:(!!
Due to the recent pp changes, all your previous scores are recalculated using the new pp system and ppv2 favors difficulty of beatmap rather than rank and popularity of beatmap. Because of this, you might have had a lot of high ranked scores in low difficulty beatmaps so when ppv2 came out and it recalculated your scores, you ended up having lower pp.
ppv2 for CtB isn't even out yet, that number is wrong. I was under 1k and am ranked like 238k currently.
As others said, the new CtB ranking is still in the works. Ignore your rank for the time being.
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