How to make a nice recording for Youtube

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michaelda101 wrote:

my problem is that it suddenly stops recording I see the numbers go from Red to Yellow again without me stopping the recording.

Is it suppose to stop that way? I can't even record a full song in 1 video.
If you're using the free version of Fraps, it'll only allow you to record videos up to 30sec.
There's a built in recorder in MSI Afterburner that records pretty well on low-end computers.
People might want to take a look at it.
r E s P
very nice tutorial. If I'm got better skils . I'm started videos
I want to add that you can use OBS to record your footage and it's free.
OBS is a nice free recording/streaming software. here's a link for you all.
[ -Neon- ]
i cant get fraps to record osu without lag -_- anyone know a fix? and yes my pc should t not have any problems recording this
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How fast is your hard drive?
Thank you ^-^
This was really helpful.
[ Zan ]
To those who use OBS: does anyone know why my sony vegas crashes every time I open the MP4 file that I made using OBS? It didn't crash when I used fraps :/
Do fraps support windows 8? :(
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So when I try to record this, my fps benchmark wont show-up. Help please!
duh.. how to record?
Full Tablet

Vlerias wrote:

duh.. how to record? ... or_Youtube

Thought I prefer to use Lagarith Codec and record with Dxtory instead of using FRAPS.
This method sure is usefull but if i remember right i read a post like 1 year ago about a tool converting replays to videos or something.
I mean fraps does cost money so.

Full Tablet wrote:

Lagarith Codec
Uncle Fluff would like to have a word with you.

I wonder, would it be okay if I did some updating on this and made a wiki page of that too.
I have no idea why this thread is still stickied. Go visit the wiki people!
Alternatives to expensive Sony Vegas?
actually i record my movie with OBS

i've followed the tutorial for livestreaming osu! and set "File output only" instead of "live stream"

It's free, and intuitive

My file weight is like 80 Mb / 1 min
(when recording in 1080p, you should set "Max Bitrate (kb/s)" to 8 000 or more to keep a good quality)

Sorry for my bad english ><
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