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Want to use Virtualdub instead of Sony Vegas? Click here!

Always wanted to make a video for Youtube about osu!, but never figured a good way to make it happen? I'll explain in this thread how you can do that.
Please note that there are more ways to do this, this is just my way.

Watch in HD and fullscreen!

  1. Fraps
  2. Sony Vegas (Never ever use Windows Moviemaker, it will lower the quality of the video drastically!)

Step one - Configuring Fraps

Open Fraps, and lets screw around with the settings.

Make sure that...:
  1. you make the Video Capture Hotkey a key that won't be in the way;
  2. iif you get a output video that has a jumpy framerate, that you limit the framerate to 30. If this isn't the case, just use 60 FPS;
  3. if you get a output video that has a low framerate, that you record 'half-size'. The video will be the half of the resolution its recorded from (alternatively: you could run osu! in a lower resolution when recording);
  4. you have enough free space left on your harddisc. If not, the video will end early when there isn't anymore space left to store;
  5. No Cursor is checked
  6. YOU RECORD SOUND! There is nothing worse then osu! videos with later added music.

Step two - Recording your gameplay

Open osu! whilst Fraps is running. If everything goes right (and if you haven't disabled this feature), you'll see a yellow FPS counter in a corner of the screen.

Now, go to the thing that you want to record. i.e: a replay of yourself getting a highscore! When you are at the part where you want to start the recording, press your Video Capture Hotkey. The FPS counter might drop and must turn red. You are now recording. Look for a minute if the FPS rate isn't changing allot. If so, try some of these tips listed above.

Press the Video Capture Hotkey again to stop recording.

Step three - Editing your output video

Drag and drop the video on the timeline in Vegas. If there are multiple files, Vegas will add them to the end of the previous part automatically.

You can do some optional editing now.

Step four - Rendering your video

Now that you are done editing the video, go to 'File', then click 'Render As'
Use the following options (depending on your Vegas version):

Press the save button, and your video will be done in a couple of minutes. It's now ready for Youtube!
Please note that it will take some time before the video will be available in high res on Youtube, be patient!

This is my video after uploading it to Youtube:

Now, go make videos and spread osu!
This is really useful

But I can't get my Fraps to record sound lol
looks like a good tutorial but heres the same,no sound...i downloaded a newer version of fraps so finally it shows up a sound device,i was happy that its working after all but it does not.
my sound device: "Mikrofon (realtek high definition)" its a mikrofon so thats probably the problem,but i cant change it no matter which options I use,and I dont even have a mikrofon :/
Are you using the latest trial FRAPS or did you "buy" it?
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Try manual changing the sound device, or reinstalling Fraps.
I'm using version 2.9.9 (full version)

And it doesn't give me the option to change the sound device
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Try switching from Detect best sound input to Use windows input
Still nothing

But I did some Googling and found out what the problem is, so hopefully I can fix that for whenever I try recording next

Remco32 wrote:

When you are at the part where you want to start the recording, press you're Video Capture Hotkey.

Nice tutorial. I might try again to record some replay. :)

I'm curious, though... Should I install Sony Vegas? Is it good/cool/awesome?
Thank you! :3
I needed this
Maybe I got no sound because I don't have speakers? I only got Headphones right now...and I can't change the sound device in fraps (still not the latest version)

Nightfall91 wrote:

Maybe I got no sound because I don't have speakers? I only got Headphones right now...and I can't change the sound device in fraps (still not the latest version)
Unless your headphones are attached to a special port on your PC, or are USB, there should be no difference between using headphones and speakers.
Problem solved! I dont really know what i did,but it worked :P
Right now i tried to explain it but i dont have a clue how to translate all these weird word into english XD
well,ill try it simplyfied...i opened up the option for sounddevices(rightclick on that sound symbol on the bottom right corner of the windows taskbar...then choose...something that shows your sounddevices,for me it was just "sounds") then there should be...ahh ok ill add a picture even thought its german-.-

soo...ok i rightclicked the symbol in the red circle,then the shown window popped up,at first it only showed me the activated microphone and something other...then i rightclicked that window on empty space and the little window popped up,there i activated the upper option which i think is called "show deactivated devices",then i activated "stereomix" and whoops my fraps recorded sound :D
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