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[Lasso-Chan] wrote:

Request To Mina c:
"mina- : Unvailable" because

AllRiseSilver wrote:

mina- wrote:


I will not accepting requests ( unavaible) for a while ( maybe 3-4 weeks).
Because I need rest, really.
hi, mina is having a rest for 3-4 weeks.
If you need it fast and or don't have enough patience to wait please just change it to someone else.

thanks mina for working so hard :D;)

i will be available because i think even if it's my mid-sem test i will have enough free time to do the request :)
Request : Avatar
Request to : mina
Image Link : ... 8ftna8.png
Size : 128x128
Text : Ora
Transparant : Yes
Borders : No
Extra : could you include the small sign that is left of the image you included in my avatar thank you :) and cute avatar !

Thank you !!!!
[ Kaazuu ]
Request To AllRiseSilver Disponibility My Banner ? Please ? c:

Sorry I'm French ><
[ Mugetsu ]
Hello c:

-Request : Avatar

-Request to : Silver

-Image Link : ... cfa1b3.jpg

-Size : 128x128

-Text : Mugetsu

-Transparant : Yes

-Borders : No

Ty =)
Guys, next time please use format as we give on the first page. thank you :)
Topic Starter

10nya wrote:

Guys, next time please use format as we give on the first page. thank you :)
and i will do the request tommorow ;)

Akemi owo

10nya wrote:

Sorry for the late work ahahahahah :'D
susah juga buat animasinya, hope you like it tho ;;
I hope this turn as your request!
Thanks very muuuuch!
Is so cool!! *-*
Topic Starter

I will tighten my rules here. I see a lot of people doing multi request.
Please have some respect dude. Just once you do a multi request and i will put your name into blacklist.
You must apologize to the following editors or you won't get your request done.
Sorry, but i'm getting tired with the multi-requester


Complete request!

hai walet bird o/

@[Lasso-Chan], [ Mugetsu ] : that's multi request so no
@ArFunG : the last time you multi request to me and stal and you didn't use the banner that stal made for you, so no.

@LigerZero : makasih udah bantuin ngurusin trit ini ♡

tell me if you want something to change! ;)

10nya wrote:

(click the image to go to the updated post~!)

As stated above Mina will take a rest so ARS and me can handle the requests;; Otsukare mina <3

NaTha | Akemi owo | [ Riki-chan ]
Request : Userpage Banner
Request to ( choose one please ) : silver
Image Link : (on mobile so I can't crop, just use best judgement)
Size : 622x192
Text : Welcome to Chezbananas's Userpage
Borders : Yes, rounded square (round corners)
Animate : Ye, text
Extra: Steam, sideways translucent glass style (
Thanks a lot! :D
Request : Avatar
Request to : Silver plssss <3
Image Link : This one ;3
Size : 128x128
Text : Damian
Transparant : Yes
Borders : Yes, Round Border
Extra : None
Looks great! Best of luck!
Request : Userpage Banner
Request to : AllRiseSilver
Image Link :
Size : 622x192
Text : Amatsukaze- #HappyCoding(make the #HappyCoding smaller than Amatsukaze-)
Borders : Yes, rounded square (round corners)
Animate : Ye, text
Extra : As much as you want to :)

Okami No Mure
Request : Avatar
Request to ( choose one please ) : silver
Image Link : -> right
Size : 128x128
Text : Linkss
Transparant : Yes ( if u can )
Borders : Yes - Round
Extra : if u can put linkss with chinesse letters pls ... or not but try it pls <3
[- Taty -]
good luck owo
Request: Avatar
Request to: 10nya
Image Link:
Size: 128x128
Text: XY
Transparent: Yes
Borders: Yes (Round)
Extra: Any rounded font that goes well with the picture will do

Request : Userpage Banner
Request to : silver
Image Link :
Size : 622 x 192
Text : Welcome To ExKyu's Userpage
Borders : No
Animate : Yes
Extra : use fonts that suits the picture maybe? thanks!
Topic Starter
i will do all the request today or tommorow!
sorry for slow respond and please be patient ♡
Request: Collab Avatar
Request to: Silver
Image Link:
Size: 200x200
Text:from left: Zapalon (red hair) x[L]oli (blue hair)
Transparant: No
Borders: Yes, Normal
Thanks in advance! \:D/
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