How points misteriously disappear

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So I wanted to achieve a high rank in a beatmap easy difficult and since I'm such a pro :D I enabled all mods that grant me extra point. With that I had 1,41x mulitplier (I think that's the max you can get) and made it SS 100%. I was super happy in the beginning, but when I saw the ranking table my happiness quickly faded.
The table at that time looked like this (It's Hungarian, don't panic):

How is it possible that I achieved less points than others who had less mods enabled? :o
If there are spinners, then that's your key.
PF doesn't give extra points. they also just spin faster than you.
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There is only 1 spinner. I doubt they spin 3x as I do. That means they had to spin at 900
Check their replays then?
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alex2580 wrote:

There is only 1 spinner. I doubt they spin 3x as I do. That means they had to spin at 900
You doubt it but it's true. You're just slow.
The only possible explanation is spinner bonus. Watch their replays and compare the bonuses to yours.

Also, just because they had 3x your bonus does not mean they spun 3x your speed. Bonuses don't start from the first spin. For example, if it takes 10 spins to clear the spinner, then 14 spins (4000 bonus) will have twice the bonus as 12 spins (2000 bonus), with only a 17% actual speed difference.
Considering you said 3x your spin is 900, it's safe to assume you spin at 300.

I spin consistently at 430-440 and depending on the length of the spinner it will definitely grant me a higher score, spinning grants score besides the bonus 1000's.
probably because of spinners
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In the meantime I solved the mistery. It was indeed the spinner that caused me the trouble. I never thought it could grant +20k points.
My post is bad and I should feel bad. :o
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