"Quick Join" joins bnest matching game.

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This is rather simple. Quick Join puts player in a game that has more likelihood of being more fun, by these rules:

1. First, it looks for the general consensus of competitors that are close to the player.
2. It then searches through the current list of shown multiplayer games. This list can be changed by the multiplayer room flags, so if a player really wants, they can quick-join a playing room, should it be more fitting for them.
3. It then find a room in the list with the most close competitors and slides them into there.
4. If the player wants a challenge, an extra flag can be set to only consider ranks above them when quick-joining.

Hopefully, this will help Quick-Join be a little more useful, now that rankings are determined by multiplayer games more than playing alone.
Related(?) t/167302 though it's more like a reverse of this one
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Yes, but that method is more exclusive, this method is more inclusive and it lets you filter out various rooms in the multiplayer room list, too. Being forced out of games isn't fun. Imagine how it would feel both all players, those in the bottom end, and the top end. This request is simply to give a button more feature and purpose. (The last time I used the Quick Join button was a year ago...)
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