Tsukasa - The Clear Blue Sky

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, January 19, 2014 at 11:39:58 PM

Artist: Tsukasa
Title: The Clear Blue Sky
Source: DJMAX
BPM: 178
Filesize: 9853kb
Play Time: 01:18
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (3.16 stars, 83 notes)
  2. Hard (5 stars, 180 notes)
  3. Insane (4.86 stars, 211 notes)
  4. Normal (4.17 stars, 105 notes)

Download: Tsukasa - The Clear Blue Sky
Download: Tsukasa - The Clear Blue Sky (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Its all complete now! Mod away~

Hitsounds by elly <3
easy: mod.
normal: mod.
hard: mod.
insane: mod.

your welcome. ^^ <3
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dang yo best mod EU
This song sounds so nice <3

Bad mod

00:54:197 - Ugh this part of the video needs epilepsy warning or something >.< so flashy, it hurts my eyes

This feels too hard for Easy; lots of 1/2s, high slider velocity. I suggest lowering the amount of 1/2
Other than that, nothing bad

00:16:950 - Note here, Hard, Insane, and the other similar part in Normal starts here
00:59:253 - Place a note here

I couldn't find anything here either >.<

00:14:759 (4) - (299,60) for perfect zigzag with 1,2, and 3
00:20:826 (6) - Move it to (312,271) so it makes better curve?
00:26:557 (3) - Stack with 00:25:714 (10) - or move 10
01:07:175 (7,8,9) - Make a slider that blankets 01:07:680 (1) - and do convert to circles?

Sorry I take forever modding for something so short :(
sup, love procrastination

Epilepsy warning for the video, pls, my eyes died
and also, make final spinner for all of the diffs have finish

Well, the SV is too high, way too high for an easy.
-so AR +1?
00:20:489 - finish on spinner
not really anything else that stands out besides the 1/2 patterns, that i think you should delete :w (as in delete the circles that make the combos 1/2)

AR +1 for this too, makes the small jumps a little more fun :p
And this is really difficult for a normal, like the easy diff.
00:17:287 (2) - remove, creates feeling like stream
00:19:815 (2) - ^, if you do then probably should rearrange the slider on 00:20:489.
00:20:489 - start spinner here? and add finish
00:32:287 (4) - remove, then put (5) at x36 y244 to keep with distance snap (also nicely blanketed by slider after <3)
00:42:916 (1,2) - you should change these two notes into a slider
00:49:278 (1,2) - make this into a slider that replicates the previous slider, looks nicer and plays better -
00:59:085 (3) - umg this note is so awkward, i think you should put like this -
01:05:826 (2,3) - change to slider that goes straight up, keeps with DS

CS -1 ? dont want it as near difficult as insane
00:20:321 - add a note here and move the spinner forward a red tick.
00:46:950 (4,5) - change to slider
00:48:467 (3) - move on top of (4), confusing
00:49:815 (3) - move this closer to the next slider, confusing spacing - i put it at x112 y328
00:54:029 - spinner should start here instead
01:00:770 (4) - make a slider like this?

00:36:164 (7) - change this to a slider
00:52:849 (5) - NC
01:03:635 (1) - NC, and this combo is confusing ;w;
01:04:647 (3,4) - should do ctrl+g, flows better than having the largest jump in your mapset
01:11:894 (5) - put as reverse slider?
01:15:096 (4,5) - snapped to the wrong beats, make these one red tick earlier, and move 5 somewhere else

Love your hitsounds so much
& u betr mod teh map i sed gawd
Eh, at this point everything I state in this crappy mod will probably have been suggested already (and if not my reasoning will likely be flawed), but regardless ... Here goes, woopiee \o/

EDIT: I didn't download with video once you told me to get the new version but apparently it's too flashy and kills eyes and needs a warning, so yeah :^) Also I realized that I probably should have puushed sections for screencaps instead, so beware of big images.

The SV feels a little bit high for an Easy. I'm having trouble expressing how I feel about this difficulty. Much of the first half played kind of awkward for me, I keep feeling like the note placements aren't in time to the music and the 1/1 and 1/2 shifts threw me off. Kiai time was nice though, I liked the consistent timing better. I guess what I'm saying is the 1/2s feel awkward :S

I missed (and got 100s/50s) a lot more than I expected on this diff. Also I feel the SV is a bit high for a normal and the AR is a bit low for placement of the notes timeline wise. It should also be noted I don't play or know much about normals so everything I suggest should be taken with a grain of salt.

00:27:568 (2) - This slider follows way too closely and doesn't fit the song or the flow. Maybe move the the slider earlier by a red tick and the first note of the combo down the timeline to where the slider ends? I fiddled around with this part and couldn't really come up with something I felt really satisfied with though :/

00:32:624 (1) - This slider also follows a bit too closely, I suggest shifting it a red tick down the timeline and getting rid of the repeat half. Also adjust the direction/positioning to accommodate for the following slider. Perhaps reversing the direction and rotating it a bit to go left to right.

00:43:916 (1,2,3) - Replace this with a repeat slider?

00:59:085 (3) - Hard to read because of the gap, a slider starting a red tick earlier and ending on the timing of this note might work better.

00:19:647 (1,2,3,4) - Pattern looks weird here, it isn't a square and it isn't 4 points of a pentagon. Also I don't feel like it's symmetrical, I copied, and rotated half of the pattern then overlapped it with the other half to confirm it's a very small difference but enough to be visually discernible while playing. Perhaps making it a square?

00:20:321 (1) - The spinner feels like it's sync'd to the drawn out part of the vocals and should end two red ticks earlier to accommodate that.

00:37:680 (5) - This note felt a bit weird to read, instead of overlapping with the end of the slider maybe overlapping with 00:37:006 (2) this note would make it easier to read. Though as far as adding a bit of difficulty through use of overlaps I quite like it.

00:46:613 (2,3,4,5,6) - The way these 5 notes curve isn't very, um, aesthetically pleasing. Also maybe consider changing 00:46:613 (2,3,4) to a repeat slider.

00:49:310 (2,3) - This part was actually hard to read, the gap threw me off. I feel like this slider 00:49:815 (3) should be moved up earlier on the timeline by a red tick and the spacing adjusted accordingly.

01:14:591 (1,2,3,4,5) - Symmetry feels weird here, the two notes leading in and the two notes following the slider don't feel aligned towards the start and endpoints of the slider.

00:36:164 (7) - This part is hard to read because of the lack of another note at 0:36:332, adding one there or making this note a slider that ends on that point would make it flow better.

00:51:838 (2,3,4,5) - I like the circular feel of the sliders here, but I think it'd flow better if you rotated 00:52:512 (4,5) these two sliders clockwise by 30-45 degrees.

01:09:703 (8,9) - These two sliders feel kind of awkward visually because they go for symmetry but are slanted on an angle. I feel like straight sliders would be better if keeping the angle, or making them upright if keeping the sliders curved. Bear in mind that this is VERY subjective, I recognize it as my own preference, the sliders play fine with the flow of the map I just so happen to find it a bit weird visually.

01:11:388 (3) - This note feels a bit too far away to me, it follows the flow of 01:10:377 (1,2) these sliders but the placement of being in the corner feels a bit off when transitioning to the slider here 01:11:557 (4). To move the note elsewhere while maintaining the flow will require rearranging these two sliders 01:10:377 (1,2) in some way though, and if you're opposed to that it's not a big deal. Shifting the two sliders closer together and bringing the note down with the second slider would help though.
Again, it's pretty trivial.

Um yeah, that's my two cents >.>
give me kd cause i'm awesome
Hi ~
From the sky ~


  1. You should change "AudioFilename: The Clear Blue Sky.mp3" to "AudioFilename: 132"
    or remove "The Clear Blue Sky" song and rename "132" to The Clear Blue Sky.
    It adds weight for nothing. Consider to do something please.


  1. I suggest you to CTRL + G 00:19:815 (2,3) it fit nicely with the song imo.
  2. 00:25:208 (8,10,3,4) - Stack.
  3. 00:45:265 (2) - Unsnapped slider.


  1. hummm..


  1. Nothing to say. I don't see anything awkward.


  1. 00:56:894 (1) - Unsnapped slider.

That's all, sorry.
Good Luck ~
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