Danish tournament! - TimG is the first Danish Champion!

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Mayoi Hachikuji

Kazutakee wrote:

Where do we end in the brackets tomorrow? (If some of us get to that point ._.)
Losers rounds 7. Round 4 + first semi will be player. too :)
Kotayo is god
congrats to all 4 players who are still alive after today

tournament will resume tomorrow at 16:00 with TimG vs PlasticSmoothie in losers round 7
Holy shit, jeg ryster også stadig efter min match med Tona, hold kæft det var tæt.
Tak for en super kamp! :D

PlasticSmoothie wrote:

Selvom jeg fik tæsk, så var det også en god kamp for mig^^
GG WP Gupply! ✌
My journeys has come to an end. Good luck to the rest!! ^^ ;)
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Mayoi Hachikuji
Finals incoming between Tropians and TimG. I will stream it at:

Will put it up on youtube later. If only we had a proper client for streaming multiple players. :s
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Mayoi Hachikuji
Congratulations To TimG.

TimG is now the first Danish champion and therefore also the first to hold the title as the "Best player in Denmark"!

I will be doing a write up for funz! Stay tuned <3

TimG receives 8 months of supporter.
Tropians receives 6 months of supporter.
Broniel receives 4 months of supporter.
Plasticsmoothie receives 2 months of supporter.
A shared 5/6 place between Tonaronerenrosenro and Gupply means they both get 1 month of supporter!

Congratulations to everyone!

Mayoi Hachikuji wrote:

Congratulations To TimG.

TimG is now the first Danish champion and therefore also the first to hold the title as the "Best player in Denmark"!
he even beat the swedish invader with 5-4

close tiebreaker though ^^
i'll get you next time!
Thanks for a great tournament guys!
I really enjoyed every match i played with you guys, thanks for making this tournament awesome.
I'm really looking foward to next time :D

Kotayo wrote:

close tiebreaker though ^^
i'll get you next time!
That tiebreaker was crazy intense, really great match ^^
TimG Best danish osu prayer Desuuu
Denmark so pro, finishing the tournament in a single week!
Hey guys, I uploaded the finals to YouTube for you to watch in case you missed it!
I'm so so so sorry about the off audio levels at the beginning as well as the stream layout just being the one I use for my solo streams. Commentating it was a decision made on impulse which is also why Mayo isn't there for the first map.
(I don't know why the youtube stuff isn't working, here's the video link)


PlasticSmoothie wrote:

(I don't know why the youtube stuff isn't working, here's the video link)
because you suck at life
v- your code

v- my code (works)

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Mayoi Hachikuji
Hey there skandinavian Osu! forum thingy!

I wanted to make a write up to sum up the tournaments greats and not so greats so here it is!!
We will be going through our champions road to victory and other players who shocked the scene.
I have also been checking the different players and decided to give some awards(w/o rewards) to players deserving it.

Lets talk about our champion:

TimG's road to glory:

TimG vs Kylling: (3 - 0)
TimG vs Jobbe: (3 - 2)
TimG vs Maltahl: (3 - 0)
TimG vs Broniel: (1 - 4)
TimG vs tontronololtoadhoro: (4 - 3)
TimG vs Plasticsmoothie: (5 - 2)
TimG vs Broniel: (5 - 1)
TimG vs Tropians: (6 - 1)

With a champion crowned in TimG, Denmark has finally found its champion. It was a hard road for our champion as he was actually knocked down into the losers bracket in the 4th round. This probably came as a surprise to many as TimG was probably one of the favourites to just sweep the tournament and grab the gold which he himself had sponsored a big part of himself. Tim showed through the tournament that his HR is simply superior compared to the rest of Denmark as he really weren't afraid to pick HR when playing Freemod and also choosing HR maps when he could. TimG was just the better player and the obvious champion without a doubt. ALL HAIL TIMG!

The runner up: Tropians!

I don't think anyone expected this guy to go anywhere. I don't think anyone had seen him as a favourite, nor did I really know him myself.
Tropians has probably made a stronger run than he expected himself. Tropians went all the way through the winners bracket while only dropping 1 match to broniel before losing the finals to Tim. The strong run itself shows that Tropians has quite a lot of potential and sooner or later we might see him top a tournament. (Of course there will be more :P)

We saw many upsets on the way through the tournament. Favourites like Tonalonatolarto and gupply faced early elimination from the winners bracket while players like Tropians, Broniel and plasticsmoothie really flexed their muscles and showed strong play. This leads us to some fun awards!

Mayonasu awards

Rewards for you

Biggest upset


Close but no cigar: Kozhler, Tropians, plasticsmoothie.

Broniel managed to knock out tonaronmaster2007 (3 - 0) and TimG (4 - 1) from the winners bracket and both of these guys were probably favoured to take the tournament. Broniel is a Rank 10k player which makes me believe this is more than just an amazing feat. Broniel should be proud, I most certainly am.

Best match of the tournament

Gupply + Plasticsmoothie!

They grew wings but couldn't fly: Toastmasterlonatorototo + TimG

Both these matches were really insane. Tolotofu and TimG had close matches all the way but Plasticsmoothie and Gupply had such a hard match, that they decided to express their emotions on the forums. The match started with a 3 - 0 lead for smoothie which was then returned by a 3 - 0 from gupply which made the made 3 - 3. The tiebreaker decided that the match would go in Plasticsmoothies favour ultimately knocking out Gupply from the tournament.

Hope you like sharing :)

Biggest noob

Everyone who decided not to show up!

I am not going to mention any names. But 12 players didn't show up when the tournament began which lead to a lot of W.O.
This created a lot of problems for me as I had to give players who didn't even show up freewins until everyone was out.
I really hope that more players read the forums the next time they decide to sign up for something as important as this.
You guys can have a trophy too tho.

Most surprising player


Broniel got the smaller piece of the liquorice stick.

Tropians was pretty much unknown before this tournament. Being around rank 8k throughout the tournament, Tropians beat players on a higher level rank-wise which is pretty "Sugoi" Tropians made a name for himself and he most certainly deserves this.

Most appreciated person


Kotayo has been an absolute bawz throughout the tournament. He was admin on Saturday even thought his precious time could've been spend on sleeping instead. He also helped out with the mappools for both saturday and sunday when he didn't even have to! Without him, the tournament wouldn't have been the same. Thank you kotayo! You deserve all the love in this trophy.

Deal with him

Most consistant


Tropians had only lost 1 match before the finals this also resulted in him having less matches but it just goes to show that he was the most consistant player winning the winners bracket. (Finals doesn't count).

Two awards for trope. Feelin comfy? :3

The person who held on for the longest


TimG went through 8 matches to grab his championship. Hadn't he dropped to the losers bracket, someone else could've held this title. Tim grabs a Mayunasu. He deserves another one for his tournament win soooo...

Funny thing is his name isn't even tim

Mayonasus favorite award


Throughout Friday and on the morning of sunday I really thought to myself that Plasticsmoothie would make it far and maybe even win it all. The reason behind this is that Plasticsmoothie has been around for longer than most and therefore I expected her to be very consistent. She was that and she made it far ending her tournament on a 4th place. Very well done! GZ on the mayonaise.

Enjoy a big bucket of mayonasu!

The tournament itself was a blast and the champion is crowned. TimG will be defending his championship title this summer.
Maybe someone will bring bigger guns next time. For now, let TimG shower in his pride and his big amount of eSport money.

To all everyone else! Thank you for participating and thank you for a wonderful tournament. Next time I might make it and if I do, I will make sure to do it a lot better than this!

- Mayoi Hachikuji

P.S I do not take responsibility for any grammar/spelling mistakes. :3
Thank you Mayoi for the great tournament. Lets have fun again.
Be sure to make another tournament. It was really fun. I also met nice people :)
i'll gladly help again if i have the time ^^
Im super sad that i didn't make it in time. :o
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